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So Google Won’t Support ‘Gun’ Businesses?

I’m supposed to be upset because one of my competitors won’t show shopping results for gun related businesses? Seriously? The gun press is getting all worked up about this but it is the best news I’ve had all day!

Hey gun companies, I sell advertising. Also, people who buy guns read my blog and support my advertisers. Take those dollars you were wasting on Google ads and invest them here at SSD.

Who cares if Google wants to play silly games? It’s stuff like this that will make them irrelevant. Gun businesses should support those that write about them, not a bunch of hippies.


28 Responses to “So Google Won’t Support ‘Gun’ Businesses?”

  1. Josh says:

    So when i’m searching for a new firearm of a particular type. Soldier Systems is going to list every company or website selling it? By price listing?

    • SSD says:

      Nope, but we are going to support gun companies. Amazingly, people didn’t have problems finding things before google shopping. Something tells me they’ll still find stuff after google is long gone.

  2. woot says:

    I block all your ads with Adblock Plus.


    • SSD says:

      That’s impressive since we don’t have annoying popups or generate ads like other websites.

      • woot says:

        No, they’re just right next your articles flashing and changing images all the way down the site. Not annoying at all.

        • SSD says:

          Feel free to stop visiting. I think we’ll make it without you.

          • Alexander says:

            That’s an interesting standpoint considering your argument is that Google is becoming “irrelevant.” Pretty good way of losing customers is to tell them to leave…

          • SSD says:

            He isn’t a customer. Somebody who complains that we have advertisers isn’t someone who is supporting the site. I don’t see any issue here at all. It’s like handing out free beer and a guy complaining because the cup has someone’s logo on it.

            I can tell you emphatically that the guys who are going to complain about advertising aren’t the ones I am writing for.

  3. jrexilius says:

    Google is retarded. Stupid liberal hippies.

    They suck for searching for anything firearms related anyways as you have to sift through pages and pages of fucking airsoft shit to _maybe_ find what you’re looking for.

    BTW, I just went to my bookmark of your site to click on an advertisers link for boots. Your site is sorta like my meta bookmark when I’m going to buy stuff.

    I’m off to buy some Belleville’s. Cheers!

    • Paul says:

      Buy the Belleville Sabre 333 style.

      Extremely comfortable. Feels like you’re wearing running shoes, but with much better ankle support and ruggedness for the field.

  4. John says:

    I’d love to know if, ala Oprah, the Google Execs have armed personal bodyguards.

  5. Adam says:

    Ads keep the info rollin at SSD. I for one find it handy to have the ads on the side of the website so I can get to these retailers web sites quicker. Thank you soldiersystems for doing a great job on keeping us all up to date.

  6. MATBOCK says:

    From a business perspective: Although we are a small company, the support and overwhelming responses that we have received from advertising on SSD has and is worth it. No google shopping site allows business owners and customers to interact on a daily basis, all while trying to improve the industry.  

    Thanks SSD for this great “one stop shop”, you have our money!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Well no skin off my nose. I bookmarked SSD and several other sites quite some time ago and they are my search engine. With all the ads on their sites and the great informative articles, there is not a search engine out there that can compete with them. I say, get more like minded industry to advertise on sites like these and when it comes to firearms related searches, Google and the likes are history. We don’t need them. Besides Google is NOT a good thing. I haven’t used Google in years as far as searching is concerned. If I am aware Google has anything to do with what I am doing on the net, I look somewhere else. Just my $.02.

  8. Rob says:

    I use SSD to find/buy goods.

    I DO NOT/NEVER HAVE used Google to find/buy goods.

    Drive on SSD, you have my support!

    – Rob

  9. Alexander says:

    I’m not sure Google vs SSD is too good of a comparison…SSD is certainly a more important resource to me in general, but…since when is it a search engine? I’d love if people showed me how to compare prices on rail covers on the site. I mean, I’m not supporting Google per se but since when can I replace a search engine with a blog? When I’m looking for recipes, I type search terms into a search engine, I don’t go to a blog that writes about the culinary industry.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Well I understand that Alexander, but I for one do my own searching and comparing prices. I don’t need no anti-gun company to do my work for me. Yeah, it takes a bit longer but in the end I am MORE satisfied that I did not use Google. And you are right, not really comparing Google to SSD as far as search engines are concerned; just generalizing how the resources at SSD and other sites far outweigh anything Google might or does offer. Besides, with all the info being kept by companies like that, are you sure you want them to know what it is that you are searching for. I realize they can find out and probably do know at some point, BUT do I want to hand it to them on a silver platter, absolutely NOT. The more kinks I can put in the system the longer and harder they have to work to find those things out.
    Sorry, got caught up in a rant. I am having some serious issues with corporate America right now.

  11. Brian says:

    Google must be holding hands & sucking face with Bank of America.

  12. Brian says:


  13. Firewalker says:

    I can’t take advantage of too many of the advertisers because I’m locked in the icy prison known as “The Canada”. However, the few that I can use, I often just come here to clickthru instead of using bookmarks. It’s a handy collection of links for outdoor & firearm enthusiasts.

  14. Crate Kicker 7 says:


  15. Haji says:

    Firewalker-move on down. We’ll take another friendly Canadian!

  16. P.Hotaling says:

    Every company in the industry should spend their money with SSD. No question it is the best bang for the buck. Hands down, not even close.

  17. Mike says:

    The company I work for advertises with Soldier Systems Daily. We read daily (hourly) at the shop. We get a real value out of the service and our friendship with the Admin of this site; he’s a stand-up guy and he brings us current information that influences our purchasing decisions for the better. SSD is one of two sites that my adblocker is set to ignore so that I can help support the site in my small way every time I reload the page. For whatever it’s worth, if I had to choose between google and SSD I’d choose SSD.

  18. B. Elmore says:

    Haven’t used gookle for years. For a search engine, I use Bing. I get relevant, speedy results. One thing the “mostly-right” and other presumably like-minded people need to learn is how to boycott. Boycotts work. They just have to be organized (hint).

  19. B. Elmore says:

    And a second thing… I absolutely do browse the advertising on SSD. When I’m searching for ideas and solutions to gear-issues, I start at SSD.

  20. Francisco says:

    I’m just sad I have a Google phone. Will try to switch to Bing for searching