High Ground Improves 300 rd Drum Pouch

High Ground has made some improvements to their 300 rd drum pouch in order to make it compatible with the Army’s issue packs. They’ve also added a small zippered pouch to the outside for items like tools.

They aren’t on the website yet so call if you need any.


6 Responses to “High Ground Improves 300 rd Drum Pouch”

  1. FLC says:

    300 rounds on one side of your pack is gonna be a little side heavy…
    might want to put it on top your pack.

    • Derek says:

      Not necessarily, one of those on one side and a tripod od spare barrel on the other will even it out somewhat. As a WSL, I always found ways to have my guys carry ammo/equipment without hindering them. I llike the look of the High Ground offering more than the issue ammo bag.

  2. Reseremb says:

    Can it be mounted in one of their Assault Straps?

    • Mike says:

      We do have available a 300 round Molle Carrier that is mountable on the assault strap. The other option is to mount female fastex buckles on your pistol belt to allow connection that way.

      • Reseremb says:

        Mike, thanks for your answer. That 300 round Molle Carrier is on the website? I check it every week for the new products (waiting to see a review here soon). What I’m looking for is to have a couple of those Assault Straps pre-configured with different pouches (40mm, medic, dog handler, SSE…) so it can be stowed on the vehicle or on top of the packs and put them on when situation dictates.

  3. Hans Panzer 0311 says:

    Made in Philly? How about in multicam??