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Emergency Workers and Firefighters Battling Colorado Fires Receive Support from Outgo

We want to salute our friends at Outgo for their support to emergency workers fighting the Colorado fires. Outgo shipped dozens of Ultra Compact Microfiber Towels and Waterless Wash to firefighters battling the wildfires. In addition, Outgo will also send emergency water filters from its sister brand, Aquamira.

“Outgo is committed to taking care of the people who serve the greater good and take care of us,” said David Wiggs, vice-president of marketing at Outgo. “As these heroes work around the clock to help save the citizens of Colorado, their homes and our wild places, it is only fitting that we support them as best we can.”

Outgo personal care products were developed for the military to keep users clean, rested and ready so that they could perform at their optimum level in any type of situation. The microfiber towels and Waterless Wash included in the Outgo line give emergency workers the opportunity to bathe with limited resources. Outgo has shipped over $3000 in towels and Waterless Wash to a local JRS Army and Air Force Exchange Service representative who will distribute the items to volunteer firefighters housed in a shelter at FT Carson.

“This is our way of helping keep some of those hard-working firefighters better rested and more refreshed,” said Wiggs.


One Response to “Emergency Workers and Firefighters Battling Colorado Fires Receive Support from Outgo”

  1. mike says:

    Thank you OutGo, but thank you more to the firefighters and other emergency personnel. The fire was stopped literally 2 blocks from my sister’s house. We thank you all very much!!!