Velocity Systems

TNVC Torch PRO Infrared Illuminator


The TNVC Torch PRO is the latest generation of the Torch line of Infrared Illuminators and yet again, shifts the paradigm. The Torch PRO offers a clean, smooth, and focus-able beam of infrared light is emitted from its high-power LED. Seamless mechanical focus allows adjustment between 1 and 10°, offering area or point illumination at distances past 800 yards!


Encased in a sleek yet rugged aerospace-grade aluminum housing with Mil-Spec Type III Hard Anodizing, the Torch PRO’s virtually indestructible LED provides the user with the best civilian-legal IR illumination on the market. A German-made impact-resistant glass lens system produces a crisp beam while the smooth focus ring allows for easy one hand operation. The wide flood allows for area illumination at close distances, while the tight spot aids in identification of targets at long range.


While the Torch PRO is a great hand-held illuminator, its 1″ tube allows for a plethora of weapon mount options. TNVC offers the Torch Pro bundled with the VTAC Light Mount. Its Tactical Tailcap mimics familiar operating procedures from other popular lights: Press for momentary activation, twist for constant-on. A built-in switch lockout prevents accidental activation during transport or storage. The Torch PRO is designed to stand up to field abuse, including complete water submersion.

Oh, did we mention compatibility with existing Surefire, LLC tailcaps? You read that right, the TNVC Torch PRO is compatible with Surefire XM and Z59 Tailcaps! You wanted options? You got options!


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