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TNVC’s Facebook 5K Giveaway

Thursday, February 28th, 2013


TNVC is in the home stretch to 5000 likes on Facebook. They are going to celebrate by giving away some cool kit.

The rules are simple.
1.Like the TNVC page
2. Share this post PUBLICLY on your wall, and encourage all your friends to do the same.
3. Wait for the announcement of the THREE winners, after they reach 5,000 likes.



Wednesday, January 30th, 2013


The TNVC TM-EO is a low-profile mount that adapts the EOTech 3X Magnifier to the Aimpoint Twist Mount Base, allowing operators to add magnification to their red dot optic. It attaches to the EOTech 3X Magnifier via two included bolts and places it at a “tall mount” height (lower 1/3 cowitness). The Aimpoint Twist Mount System is a highly versatile QD mount for affixing various optics to a weapon through its spring-loaded base that stays semi-permanently attached to the weapon’s receiver while the mount interface stays attached to the optic accessory. When the user requires the optic, he can quickly to add it to the gun, and remove it when not needed. This lowers the profile of the overall weapon platform while reducing weight. The TNVC TM-EO marries products from the two top red dot manufacturers in the market, providing a very versatile option to the operator.


Their TM-14 Twist Mount Adapter for the AN/PVS-14 night vision goggle has been a huge success. It allows two very useful optics to be swapped on the rifle: the Aimpoint 3X Magnifier and the AN/PVS-14 goggle. But, many users of EOTech products (a significant portion of the market) have not been able to embrace the TM14 because they would have to give up their magnifiers. But fear not, EOTech users; TNVC has you covered. Simply use the TNVC TM-EO and you can have the best of both worlds!




Tuesday, January 29th, 2013


Designed as an intermediate-range night sight, the WASP CNVD is a new Picatinny Rail compatible, Clip-On Night Vision Device offered by TNVC, Inc. Offering clear night vision between 4X and 12X, the WASP CNVD produces relies on a 70mm Catadioptric Lens System that operates at an incredibly fast f/1.14 speed. According to TNVC, the image quality rivals that of most clip-on sights on the market at powers below 10X.


Clip-On Night Sights are preferred by most operators for their versatility, being able to attach to multiple weapon platforms while producing less bulk and weight in the field compared to having to carry a complete night vision-equipped rifle on top of the shooter’s primary. The WASP CNVD is factory aligned to hold 0.5 MOA or better. Repeatability is achieved through the use of a Larue Tactical LT105 Quick Detach Mount. The WASP CNVD is powered by a single CR123A Lithium Battery in an O-Ring sealed compartment making the device weather resistant to rain and snow.


The WASP CNVD is available in two image intensifier tube configurations. The ITT Gen3 PINNACLE Tube version is warranteed up to/including 7.62 NATO while the L-3 OMNI VIII MilSpec Contract Tube Version is warranteed up to/including .50 BMG. The WASP CNVD comes complete with a custom padded MOLLE pouch, Light Shield, Operator Manual, Quick Reference Card, Lens Cleaning Tissue, and Tube Data Sheet.

Dimensions: 6.38”(L) x 3.82”(W) x 3.38”(H)
Weight (w/o batteries): 27.5 oz
Center of Rear Optic: 1.49” (above rail)
Max Height: 3.08” (above rail)
Power: One (1) CR123A 3Volt Battery
Weapon Mount: Throw Lever-Type QD Mount
Operating Temperature: -40 F (-40 C) to 124 F (51 C)
Storage Temperature: -60 F (-51 C) to 160 F (71 C)
Submersion: None, Water Resistant

Generation: Gen3 U.S. ITT PINNACLE and L-3 OMNI VIII Versions Available
Resolution: 3.2 cy/mr (Min), 3.5 cy/mr (Typ)
Signal to Noise: 21 (Minimum)
HALO: 1.0 (Max)

Optimum Magnification: 3x to 12x
Magnification: 1x (Unity)
Focus Range: 5 m to Infinity
Field of View: 12°
Objective Lens: Focal Length 80mm
Objective Lens f/Number: f/1.14
Output Optic Exit Pupil Diameter: 36 mm

Accuracy: Factory Aligned to ½ MOA or Better
Adjustments: None
Repeatability: Within ½ MOA

Starlight, Low Contrast: 770 m
Starlight, High Contrast: 1080 m
¼ Moonlight, Low Contrast: 1100 m
¼ Moonlight, High Contrast: 1400 m

Starlight, Low Contrast: 75 m
Starlight, High Contrast: 110 m
¼ Moonlight, Low Contrast: 120 m
¼ Moonlight, High Contrast: 135 m

ITT Tube: Up to/Including .308 (7.62x51mm NATO)
L-3 Tube: Up to/Including .50 BMG


TNV/PVS-14 Line Released

Thursday, September 13th, 2012

TNVC has just announced the release of the often-requested and long-awaited TNV/PVS-14 Night Vision Monocular! It’s their own, in-house take on a PVS-14 program designed to meet the needs of their customers with options for everyone. The TNV/PVS-14 is available in three tube configurations, three body colors, and three packages. They are assembled by TNVC’s professional staff in-house, using only brand/factory-new parts. Each TNV/PVS-14 is built using a specially selected tube that meets or exceeds the minimum OMNI VIII spec. All systems come with a factory data sheet for the installed-tube and a full 5-year TNVC Warranty for the tube and system from the date of purchase.

Tube Configuration Options:
L3 U.S. Gen3 Factory MILSPEC Current Contract OMNI VIII Tube
ITT U.S. Gen3 PINNACLE Factory Current Contract OMNI VIII Spec Tube
Gen3 U.S. New Commercial OMNI VIII Equivalent Tube

Kit Options
•Basic Kit (includes goggle and basic goggle accessories)
•Weapon Kit (includes Basic Kit + TM14 Weapon Mount, Aimpoint Twist Mount Base)
•Full Kit (includes Weapon Kit + ACH/MICH Helmet Mount Assembly)

Housing Color Options
•Basic Black
•Officially Licensed Crye MultiCam


Companies Who Have Dropped Advertising With ‘Recoil’ Magazine – Updated

Wednesday, September 12th, 2012

SWR Manufacturing
Panteao Productions
ITS Tactical
Haley Strategic Partners
Truly Tactical
Magpul Industries
Bravo Company USA
DSG Arms
Vortex Optics
Advanced Armament Corp
ITW Military Products
Mission First Tactical
Ares Armor
Tactical Tailor
Daniel Defense

Please support them in their support of the Second Amendment.

TNVC Torch PRO Infrared Illuminator Update

Friday, July 6th, 2012


The other day we told you about the new Torch PRO Infrared Illuminator from Tactical Night Vision Company. Turns out, in addition to being compatible with SureFire XM and Z59 Tailcaps, the Torch PRO LED head unit is also compatible with all 2-Cell SureFire G2, 6P, and C-Series Light Bodies. Naturally, this really increases the versatility of the unit. Users who already have one of these SureFire lights in a weapon mount can simply unscrew the head and swap in the Torch PRO head for night vision operations.


TNVC Torch PRO Infrared Illuminator

Wednesday, July 4th, 2012


The TNVC Torch PRO is the latest generation of the Torch line of Infrared Illuminators and yet again, shifts the paradigm. The Torch PRO offers a clean, smooth, and focus-able beam of infrared light is emitted from its high-power LED. Seamless mechanical focus allows adjustment between 1 and 10°, offering area or point illumination at distances past 800 yards!


Encased in a sleek yet rugged aerospace-grade aluminum housing with Mil-Spec Type III Hard Anodizing, the Torch PRO’s virtually indestructible LED provides the user with the best civilian-legal IR illumination on the market. A German-made impact-resistant glass lens system produces a crisp beam while the smooth focus ring allows for easy one hand operation. The wide flood allows for area illumination at close distances, while the tight spot aids in identification of targets at long range.


While the Torch PRO is a great hand-held illuminator, its 1″ tube allows for a plethora of weapon mount options. TNVC offers the Torch Pro bundled with the VTAC Light Mount. Its Tactical Tailcap mimics familiar operating procedures from other popular lights: Press for momentary activation, twist for constant-on. A built-in switch lockout prevents accidental activation during transport or storage. The Torch PRO is designed to stand up to field abuse, including complete water submersion.

Oh, did we mention compatibility with existing Surefire, LLC tailcaps? You read that right, the TNVC Torch PRO is compatible with Surefire XM and Z59 Tailcaps! You wanted options? You got options!


Limited Edition TNVC Protech TR-2 Auto Knife

Monday, June 18th, 2012

This version of the TR-2 Automatic Knife is made exclusively for Tactical Night Vision Company by ProTech Knives USA. Its laser engraved, 3″ plain-edged spear point blade is made from 154-CM Stainless Steel with an overall length of 7.6″ and a weight of 3.3 oz. Limited to only 100, the TNVC Skull Auto Knife features an aluminum handle with diamond-knurling patches and an inlayed sterling silver skull medallion in the center. The skull’s eyes are filled with a night-vision green paint to represent the dark nature of night operations. Additionally, each handle is custom laser-engraved and numbered on the underside.

As this is an automatic knife, you must call in your order. Full instructions at the link. Get yours before they’re gone from www.tnvc.com/shop/limited-edition-tnvc-skull-tr-2-auto-knife

Note:Automatic knives are restricted to government purchase only and require a copy of your Military, Law Enforcement, Fire/Rescue, EMT, etc ID as well as a signed Auto Knife Waiver before we can ship. ABSOLUTELY NO SALES TO THE STATE OF NEW YORK.