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Night Vision Pin-Up Girl Stickers from TNVC

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Looking for something really cool to spiff up your gear? Then I think Tactical Night Vision Co has just the right thing.

This package of four premium, high-resolution, laminated white vinyl stickers features original pin-up artwork produced in-house at TNVC. The lovely ladies adorning these high quality stickers are showing off some of the latest night vision hardware. The material is suitable for use outdoors and on vehicles. Stickers are only sold as a set. Each set comes with 1/ea Red Head, Brunette, Blonde, and Logo.


TNVC offers the Pyser-SGI Small Arms Collimator

Thursday, April 19th, 2012

The Pyser-SGI Small Arms Collimator (SAC) series represents one of the most crucial battlefield optical implements available today. The Small Arms Collimator is a precision optical device that allows shooters to confirm zero/ or re-zero weapons in the field, to a high level of accuracy, without live fire. Confirming zero or re-zeroing a weapon is very important in the field. Weapon sights and optics can shift zero from many different factors including airborne insertions, falls, explosions, etc. But, the SAC can also be extremely useful when changing optics, in our case: swapping a day scope for a night vision scope in the field.

Until now, laser boresight devices have been the default means of confirming or re-zeroing weapons without firing a shot. The problem with this is that laser boresighting equipment is inherently inaccurate, causing an M4 to be off by as much as 8 MOA. On the contrary, the SAC is one of the most accurate devices of its kind (accurate to 0.25 mil, 1 MOA). Manufactured in countless variants, the SAC works with irons sights, optical sights, day scopes, and night vision scopes. They are available for rifles, carbines, submachine guns, machine guns, sniper systems, and grenade launchers. Additionally, laser SAC’s are available for use with laser aiming devices.

The Small Arms Collimator has been in use by the British military for over a decade with fantastic results. They are so good that they have caught the eye of many units within the US Special Operations Community and other allied nations. The SAC is easy to use with very little training and does not require a “master weapon.” It does not emit light or any other signature, nor does it require a down range target. A single SAC can be used on any “like” weapon system.

The Pyser Small Arms Collimator is one of the “must have” pieces of kit for any combat unit. The ability to quickly and accurately check a zero or re-zero a weapon without firing a shot is paramount to mission success in non-permissive environments. We are talking about operator safety here. Weapons and their optics can lose their zeros due to anything from a rough insertion to normal battlefield abuse. Without the ability to achieve accurate hits, a Warfighter’s combat effectiveness is substantially reduced. The SAC is the most accurate and proven method of confirming and re-zeroing a weapon. No unit or team should deploy without them for all their weapon systems.

The SAC is extremely rugged and requires no batteries. We especially like this system for its use in swapping a day scope for night vision scope. No longer does a separate night vision-equipped rifle need to be brought into the field. A lot is mentioned about “must have” kit. Well, this is actually one of those must-have items.



TNVC IRS (Infra Red Sale)

Wednesday, April 18th, 2012

TNVC is running their annual Tax-Refund special: IRS (Infra Red Sale). Check out their website for savings on all Generation 3 Night Vision Monoculars and Night Vision Scopes. The sale also covers other Infra Red items such as IR Illuminators, Class1 IR Lasers, and IR Signaling Devices. Save money on popular brands such as:

ITT Exelis
L-3 Electro Optical Systems
Laser Devices, Inc.
Princeton Tec
S&S Precision
Adventure Lights
ACR Electronics


Insight Racing Update

Monday, February 13th, 2012

Just before SHOT Show we introduced you to Insight Racing, a partnership between Jeff Westphal Racing and Tactical Night Vision Company. We just received this report on the #19 BMW M3.

TNVC Sponsored driver Jeff Wesphal kicked off a few weeks ago at Daytona Speedway in the Grand Am Continental Sports Car Challenge where TNVC owner Vic Di Cosola had the rare opportunity to get out of the office to watch him race.

The event started out in the rain where Jeff qualified 15th with a new car that had never been tested, nor driven on the track due to the cars motor getting completed just in time from the Dinan engine folks. While the motor was great, chassis setups now had to be adjusted for the race.

As the race started in the rain, all cars were on their wet tires and then we all got to see Jeff’s magic rain dance! He started to pass cars like they were going backwards and by lap 10 he was leading the race!

As the rain stopped, cars began to pit to get the slicks back on where comm issues on the radio surfaced and Jeff could not pit with the rest of the field. The delayed pit stop put the team near the back of the pack.

When it was all said and done, Jeff’s co-driver Martin Jensen took over at the 1.5 hour mark and climbed to the finish at 15th place where they started.

Vic Di Cosola went on to say, “These are exciting times, and our hopes in the racing circuit is to get the masses seeing the tactical community and our Military/LE in a continued highlight.” Folks can see the full Continental Race schedule here. Be sure if a race is in your area to stop by and say “Hi” to Jeff. This series is what NASCAR used to be!

TNVC Includes Goggles With AN/PVS-14 Purchase

Friday, October 14th, 2011

TNVC is now including a FREE pair of Revision Military EXOSHIELD Ballistic Goggles with the purchase of every ITT PVS-14 Night Enforcer. We’ve extolled the virtues of the EXOSHIELD and agree that it’s low profile design make it the best eye-pro for use with NVGs because the user can bring the NVG all the way back to the eye. Other goggles and shooting glasses cause the NVG to stand off from the face, diminishing the operator’s view and are prone to scratching from the NVGs. TNVC wanted us to make sure and let you know that no, this deal is not retroactive.


I Spy Something That Begins With the Letter “V”

Friday, September 9th, 2011

If you guessed Tactical Night Vision Company’s Victor DiCosola, then you are right. Now notice, Vic is wearing an FR racing suit. When we asked him about his attire all he would say was, “As for the racing pics, what we can say at this time is TNVC will be seen in some large scale events in the major motorsports arena very soon. More details are forthcoming….”

Sounds intriguing. Can’t wait to find out more.


Civilian Class I Lasers Now Available from TNVC

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Some very exciting news from Tactical Night Vision Company. They are now selling Class1 Infrared Lasers for Civilians. Laser Devices, Inc (LDI) has begun manufacturing Class1 (eye safe) IR lasers for commercial sale and TNVC, a distributor for LDI, is now stocking these units. Class1 lasers are 0.07mW, providing a precise weapon-mounted aiming solution out to 75-100 yards. These are the first true, IR lasers available for commercial sale and this is the first time civilians can purchase them. Standard power IR lasers (class IIIb) are restricted to government purchase by the FDA. These units are built using LDI’s legacy Milspec body housings which are precision machined aerospace grade aluminum with a Mil-Spec surface anodizing. They have been proven on the battlefield and will stand up to harsh recoil and field abuse. Class1 lasers are available in four variants:

DBLA-I² – Class1 IR laser/ Class IIIa Visible Laser (red or green)
OTAL – Class1 IR Laser
ITAL – Class1 IR Laser
EOLAD 1L – Class1 IR Laser/ Eotech 552 Holo Sight

Now available at www.TNVC.com