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Laser Devices Still In Action

Monday, December 19th, 2016

How cool is that? Before it was known as SureFire, there was Laser Devices. Love that on/off switch.

Gratuitously borrowed from NOLATAC Firearms Training who says this beauty was recently used by a customer at the range.

LAS/TAC 2 Infrared Class 1 Pistol Laser

Monday, January 16th, 2012

TNVC, Inc and Laser Devices, Inc. are proud to announce the release of the LAS/TAC 2 Infrared Class 1 Pistol Laser series available exclusively from Tactical Night Vision Company. This series of Eye-Safe IR Lasers is designed specifically to attach to popular pistol makes and models via several available mounting interfaces (Mil-Std 1913/Picatinny,Standard/Weaver, Non-Standard Accessory Rails).

The LAS/TAC 2 Class 1 IR Laser series feature ~0.1mW Infrared Laser modules, making them Eye-Safe and unrestricted for individual civilian sale. They are fully adjustable for windage/elevation and can attach and detach without realignment. LAS/TAC 2’s activate using a three-way lever switch with or without a remote momentary pressure pad.

Powered by two 3-volt CR123A lithium batteries, the LAS/TAC 2 Class 1 series features a single power mode of operation, low-profile windage/elevation mechanism, and the ability to swap out the laser module head with a white light LED or visible laser (not included). The impact resistant glass-filled polymer housing stands up to field and holster abuse, and is waterproof to 3 meters. The low-profile housing fits current production holsters.

For additional information, product features, and to purchase, please visit

Something Wicked This Way Comes

Tuesday, January 10th, 2012

I can’t wait to check out the newest civilian-legal version of the Laser Devices DBAL. Functionality includes IR Laser, Visible Laser (Red and Green), and LED IR Illuminator. Additionally, the housing will be offered in Black or FDE.

It is making its debut at SHOT Show.

More on the Laser Devices Civilian Class I Lasers

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Now that they have been out for a few weeks, we are able to give some additional information on the Laser Devices Civilian Class I Lasers available exclusively from Tactical Night Vision Company. This article will concentrate on the Dual Beam Aiming Laser – Intelligent² (DBAL-I2) Class I which happens to be an excellent value. It is offered in Black or Tan case with Green or Red visible laser.

TNVC took the unit out and was able to clearly discern the laser’s circular pattern to up to 100 yards but noticed degradation beginning at 115 yards. Additionally, TNVC found the lower power to work to their advantage in a CQB environment as more high powered lasers are prone to bloom on walls, particularly light colored walls. Finally, they found that the IR illuminator did not wash out the visible laser.

This is the first time that Laser Devices products have been offered to the public. Please note that it is STILL an ITAR controlled item. For more information, or to order visit

Civilian Class I Lasers Now Available from TNVC

Thursday, January 27th, 2011

Some very exciting news from Tactical Night Vision Company. They are now selling Class1 Infrared Lasers for Civilians. Laser Devices, Inc (LDI) has begun manufacturing Class1 (eye safe) IR lasers for commercial sale and TNVC, a distributor for LDI, is now stocking these units. Class1 lasers are 0.07mW, providing a precise weapon-mounted aiming solution out to 75-100 yards. These are the first true, IR lasers available for commercial sale and this is the first time civilians can purchase them. Standard power IR lasers (class IIIb) are restricted to government purchase by the FDA. These units are built using LDI’s legacy Milspec body housings which are precision machined aerospace grade aluminum with a Mil-Spec surface anodizing. They have been proven on the battlefield and will stand up to harsh recoil and field abuse. Class1 lasers are available in four variants:

DBLA-I² – Class1 IR laser/ Class IIIa Visible Laser (red or green)
OTAL – Class1 IR Laser
ITAL – Class1 IR Laser
EOLAD 1L – Class1 IR Laser/ Eotech 552 Holo Sight

Now available at