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Laser Devices Still In Action

How cool is that? Before it was known as SureFire, there was Laser Devices. Love that on/off switch.

Gratuitously borrowed from NOLATAC Firearms Training who says this beauty was recently used by a customer at the range.

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4 Responses to “Laser Devices Still In Action”

  1. CPTK says:

    Were Laser Products (now Surefure) and Laser Devices [Inc.] (LDI/Steiner/Beretta) ever related?

    Either way, this old stuff is always fun and cool to see.

  2. Rem870 says:

    Old school but very cool! 🙂 It worked years ago it works now, and I bet it will work for years to come.

  3. Great blast from the past right there!

  4. Eric Rolston says:

    Laser Devices, Inc. was acquired by Steiner Optik approximately four years ago. LDI is now known as Steiner eOptics. We are not associated with surefire. Check out our web-site to see our Laser and Battle Lights: http://www.steiner-optics.com/