Announcing Insight Racing

An exciting new partnership has been brewing in late 2011 and we are happy to announce that in 2012, Jeff Westphal Racing and Tactical Night Vision Company will be working together during Jeff’s Grand Am Continental Sports Car campaign with Insight Racing in the #19 BMW M3.

Jeff Westphal was introduced to TNVC CEO, Victor Di Cosola at Infineon Raceway while attending Jim Russell Racing School (now Simraceway Performance Driving) where the two had a significant amount of business similarities, making it a wise choice for a technical partnership. “TNVC and Victor operate with a high level of precision, which helps give our military and law enforcement customers an advantage over the opposition, the same type of attention to detail and precision that I look for in a race team. I have been working with Insight Racing since mid 2011, and they are the perfect ally to have with the JWR and TNVC partnership as their endurance racing background is so detail dependent and oriented.” Explained Jeff “TNVC and I will be working together with Insight Racing to help bring awareness of tactical equipment for consumers around the globe, as well as expand business opportunities for industry related companies.”

TNVC is a California based company with operations based in Wisconsin and California.. They supply many branches of the US Government, and U.S. Law Enforcement with Night Vision products and training. Victor Di Cosola, The President/CEO was and is adamant about creating a knowledgeable company for people to learn about and purchase proper night vision equipment, the type and quality resource he would have loved during his early years. “I take much pride in being able to help save the lives of our boys overseas, anything I can do to give them a leg up on the opposition, TNVC is ready to support them. I have a great respect for what our troops go through, as well as any professional in their industry. To be at the top of your craft in anything it takes much dedication and skill, so I am confident TNVC has partnered with the right people in motorsports to help elevate the image of all the parties involved.” Said Victor.

You will be able to catch Jeff Westphal and TNVC in the 2012 Continental Tire Sports Car Series races with the Insight Racing #19 BMW M3, broadcast on Speed channel.

Come meet Jeff in person at the TNVC Booth at the 2012 SHOT Show: Booth #6502.

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4 Responses to “Announcing Insight Racing”

  1. AttackBlue1 says:

    Any connection to L3/Insight and a relationship with TNVC or is the name just coincidental?

  2. Just coincidental and a very good one at that. 🙂


  3. Been receiving a lot of emails of a previous post here several months back showing me in a race car and where I was practicing at.

    I met Jeff Westphal at Jim Russell Racing School, now Sim Racing. They run out of Infineon Raceway in Sonoma California. This establishment runs the best of the best in regards to cars and instructors.

    The instructors are made up of real world (active) professional race car drivers. Their current FJR car I have raced in is an amazing piece of machinery. Do check out their other race programs as I HIGHLY recommend their Defense Driving program for the young drivers in your family or just to sharpen your own skills.

    All in all, the instruction at Simraceway is what impressed me the most along with their amazing staff. Their style of instruction is VERY similar to the style one see’s at any top notch tactical school. Relevant instructors for relevant times is what it’s all about. Be safe.

    Vic Di Cosola

  4. adam benaway says:

    This is an awesome idea. The Continental series is a favorite of mine. But if your looking to do some lower level sponsorship/ advertising at Fort Bragg NC, which Im sure you have a huge customer base here. Then I would be willing to use my car as a rolling billboard. Im a sniper qualified active duty special operations soldiers as well as a SCCA driver. I compete in local and regional event all over the southeast. So if your looking to help an upcoming driver as well as adrvertise in the heart of the best military post then contact me.

    Adam Benaway