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You Never Know Where They’ll Show Up – The Alps

Sunday, June 29th, 2014

Reeder on Mer de Glace

It’s Dave Reeder of Recoil magazine sporting a KCRF T-shirt as he negotiates the glacier of the Mer de Glace in Chamonix, France during the recent Arc’teryx LEAF Media Camp.

Metal Sintering – Making 3D Printed Guns A Reality

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Recoil magazine offers a great follow up to our recent story “3D Printing? Is The Genie Out Of The Bottle?“.

Meanwhile, from a laser sintering 3D printer in Texas…

Solid Concepts has manufactured what they are referring to as the “world’s first 3D Printed Metal Gun.” The weak point with previous 3D printed pistols has been the parts such as the barrel that are traditionally made of metal. But with the laser sintering process these can be fabricated from metal. With this model, the grip is an SLS (Selective Laser Sintered) carbon-fiber filled nylon hand grip.

Read more:


There’s a whole new crowd over at Recoil and they are doing a great job. Check out their story at

A Day At The Range With The Hodge Defense AU-MOD 1

Friday, November 8th, 2013

Last month Soldier Systems Daily, in conjunction with Targeted Integration Group took a few Hodge Defense Systems pre-production and production AU-Mod1 carbines out to C2 Shooting Center to put them through their paces. As you can tell, we had a great day. Ron Bellan from from Reaper Outdoors also showed up to join in. Big thanks to our videographer M Keller. Look for a full report soon on SSD and in Recoil Magazine.

Recoil Issue 7 In Stores Now

Friday, June 7th, 2013

Recoil issue 7 is now in stores. With new editor Iain Harrison on board, the magazine maintains the high quality seen in previous issues. This issue features articles on Patriot Ordnance Factory P308, the Sphinx SDP compact pistol, the Tactical Solutions .22 conversion kit for Glock 17/22 and 19/23, assisted-opening knives, and plenty more. All this, plus a bonus ‘toy robot’ shooting target.


Recoil Editor Harrison came on board last issue and is a former British Armor Officer who emigrated to the US due to his support of the right to bear arms. You may remember him from Top Shot where he was winner. They’ve certainly done a lot to overcome the anti-2A perception that they suffered last summer. For example, the last issue discussed different NFA firearms.


They’ve also added Dave Reeder as a contributor. He brings a great deal of military and LE experience to their online staff. Learn more about Dave’s new assignment here.

Ways To Help Oklahoma Recover

Thursday, May 23rd, 2013

If you’re like us, you see the tornado devastation in Oklahoma and feel frustrated because you’re not sure how to help. Our friends at Recoil online have done a great job of summing the situation up and giving an overview of the options available to you. The incident hit very close to home for some, so be sure to check out their coverage.

Recoil Target Pack Now Available

Tuesday, January 29th, 2013


The Target Pack from Recoil magazine is now in stores. it includes a 16-page shooting guide, a two-sided “Going Hot” poster, and 10 targets.


Recoil Magazine Switching to Bi-monthly

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

Recoil magazine has announced that as of the April issue, they will transition to a bi-monthly schedule (which I hought they already had). Additionally, on January 29 they’ll be releasing their first Target Pack special issue, which includes a 16-page section with in-depth tutorials on shooting the two most popular platforms: AR rifles and semi-auto handguns. It also comes with 10 different targets. They’re also including a two-sided poster featuring one of their “Going Hot” models.

Recoil Issue 5 Is Out

Monday, December 3rd, 2012


When Recoil magazine initially came out, it held a lot of promise. This wasn’t your average gun magazine. It had and continues to offer a different look. In fact, this latest issue, hitting news stands now, has the same look and feel as it’s initial success. Only one thing is missing, Editor Jerry Tsai who stepped down after Issue 4’s Second Amendment controversy.

So what steps has Recoil taken to move on? Aside from some personnel changes, the issue starts out with an article on the Second Amendment. In fact, it spells out in no uncertain terms that Recoil supports the Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

Additionally, the theme of this issue is Versatility. They cover a bolt gun, 2 pistols and shotgun. They also have some interesting content on the basics of preparing a bug out bag as well as what to look for in a used 1911. However, I feel they fall a little short on some content such as the lightweight rail, pistol light and boot photo spreads but the lack of depth may be as much a function of a wary industry than an oversight on Recoil’s part.

Like previous issues, there’s a pull-out full-size target although this one is a space alien. That’s a little different but follows the overall Recoil theme of being something different.

They haven’t returned to the full stable of advertisers they enjoyed prior to Issue 4’s editorial misstep but they are in better shape than they were in the beginning. They aren’t starting from scratch but you can see that they are taking steps to move forward.

I’m willing to see where this goes. How about you?