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A Day At The Range With The Hodge Defense AU-MOD 1

Last month Soldier Systems Daily, in conjunction with Targeted Integration Group took a few Hodge Defense Systems pre-production and production AU-Mod1 carbines out to C2 Shooting Center to put them through their paces. As you can tell, we had a great day. Ron Bellan from from Reaper Outdoors also showed up to join in. Big thanks to our videographer M Keller. Look for a full report soon on SSD and in Recoil Magazine.

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4 Responses to “A Day At The Range With The Hodge Defense AU-MOD 1”

  1. MRC says:

    That’s one very nice shooting carbine, the chest rig is ok too.

  2. MATBOCK CEO says:

    I have over 2k rounds through my new Hodge Defense rifle. No malfunctions, weapon hasn’t been cleaned, and it’s running like a top! Best part is that the weapon is lightweight, but still perfectly balanced.

  3. AV says:

    That, there, chest “doohicky” is pretty darn nice too…much better than just ok. Surprised no one noticed the black sling…