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MultiCam Is The New Black

MultiCam Is The New Black, Bitches!

Coming 11/25/2013

A New Law Enforcement Pattern


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21 Responses to “MultiCam Is The New Black”

  1. Richard Bell says:

    I have just come to your page to see if you had any inside information and saw the same image hahaha..I am sure you have but are not able to share with us mere plebs, we understand.

  2. Anders A says:

    my jimmies are ready

  3. BS says:

    Multicam in Black&White?:)

  4. jbgleason says:

    You heard it from me first. BLACK is the new BLACK damnit. My prediction (slightly tongue in cheek). In the never-ending quest to be different and special, the SMU’s will dig out their old black flight suits and possibly even some LBE with velcro and snaps. Balaclavas make a come back as well. Domestic LE sees it and follows suit. Good thing I kept all of my late 80’s black tac gear as a novelty.

    • Mike says:

      “Belly stars are no longer in style”, said McBean.
      “What you need is a trip through my Star-Off Machine.
      This wondrous contraption will take OFF your stars
      so you won’t look like Sneetches that have them on thars.”

  5. TMC says:

    Grey is the new Black.

  6. Mono says:

    Yay let’s make it black, gray and some shades of blue, then pixelate it… Hey, it worked for Big Army, didn’t? no? oh well…

  7. Lamplighter says:

    I’m assuming it must be some combo of black and gray. ERTs all over are moving to a shade of gray for their uniforms because gray is optimal camo in urban environments; Arc’teryx “wolf gray,” Triple Aught Design “UE gray” etc.

  8. Chris K. says:

    Hope there are plans to make pouches, rigs, carriers and such in this pattern, or that it complements ranger green or coyote brown. Otherwise it may not be widely adopted.

  9. Kemp says:

    I wouldn’t be suprised if crye releases something utterly unexpected. They’ve basically had a decade to watch camo tech unfold post-multicam and they aren’t known for resting on their laurels.

  10. 11311311 says:

    My educated guess would be that it’ll be similar to Kryptek’s Typhon in concept?

  11. FormerDirtDart says:

    Hmmm…something like this, just a bit “blacker”

  12. Whokka says:

    looking forrward to a new range of multicam black buckles, web tapes and velcro!!!!

  13. Slim Cognito says:

    If it is in urban based colors, the multicam pattern would be ineffective.
    Mark Spicer (british sniper) wrote an entire section in his book about urban camo. Blotch patterns do poorly in urban environments because there are no round objects, just a bunch of straight lines. It was written in 2001, but it still applies today. To be effective, it would have to be pixilated to some extent. Not sure what Crye will do, but a pixilated pattern, like us4ces for example, would do much better in urban colors.