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LAV Built a Russian SOF Inspired AK


Larry Vickers assembled a new AK build based on his recent visit to Russia. Their SOF run some pretty impressive setups.


– Arsenal SLR-106CR
– Texas Weapon Systems Dog Leg Rail Texas Armament Railed Receiver Cover
– Aimpoint T-1
– Larue T-1 Mount
– Zenit Extended Rail Cover
– Survival Corps AK-100 Side Folding Collapsing AR Stock Adapter
– Krebs Extended Safety Lever
– Tromix Extended Charging Handle Knob
– Bulgarian 4-piece Krinkov brake
– Wilcox Industries Raptor laser w/white light
– Magpul CTR stock
– Tango Down / US Palm AK grip
– Magpul vert grip
– Blue Force Gear Vickers Sling
– Polish Mag

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23 Responses to “LAV Built a Russian SOF Inspired AK”

  1. Tierlieb says:

    “Texas Armament Railed Receiver Cover” – more like Texas Weapon Systems Dog Leg Rail?

    “Survival Corps AK-100 Side Folding Collapsing AR Stock Adapter” – SRVV Tactubes AK100 for side folding rifles? Because it does not fold any more after installing this.

    “Zenit Extended Rail Cover” – is there any company making gun parts named Zenit or Zenith?.

  2. Bill Gassett says:

    now I want an AK…

  3. Chris says:

    This is Zenit


  4. The top cover is a TWS – that is a typo

    The sidefolding stock mechanism is from Russia and does still fold after installation- it does not lock however

    Zenit is a Russian accessory company – they make this rail as well as other parts for the AK

    • Josh says:

      Larry, that is the first AK rifle that I would actually call good looking. If you were to put this AK together in a build class, I’d be there!!

  5. Jon says:

    Are the Russian SOF running 5.56 guns? Pretty smart, but they are SOF, so of course.

  6. SShink says:

    Can you get a proper cheek-weld on this set-up? The center-line of the optic appears to be very high in comparison with the top of the butt-stock.

    • Josh says:

      All you have to do is get the cheek riser they make for the Magpul stocks.

    • Luke says:

      have you seen russian set-ups? they don’t believe in cheek weld at all. if anything the riser makes it more authentic 😉

  7. Tim says:

    The Russian use tws top covers?

  8. Bill says:

    Oooh. I. Like. That!

  9. Ryan says:

    Great looking rifle.

  10. SO1 says:

    Tim, Ive seen those few pics passed around of some Russian trigger puller meeting Putin and, yes, hes got a TWS dog leg on his weapon. I emailed TWS about it when they came out and the owner confirmed that he does supply a few units in the east.

    Also, dat height over bore. Gotta love it.

  11. Pooteen says:

    Nice neck weld, Larry. Is this an AK for giraffes (or Paige Wyatt)?

  12. Tim Mc says:

    Like the paint job what is it…

  13. Joe says:

    Could we get some high res pics LAV?

  14. The Russians are running 7.62 and 5.45 – I did mine in 5.56 cause I had a gun ready to go for the conversion – the Micro is a bit high to clear the laser but not a big deal; it is usable

    Paint is Brownells Aluma Hide II – just applied it but it seems like great stuff

    Email me via my website and I’ll send you pics of this gun ( iPhone pics at least ) and pics of the 2 Russian AK’s that inspired this one

    I met the guy shaking Putins hand in the pic – nice guy and make no mistake Russian Alpha are on par with US SOF; they are no joke and see lots of combat – definately pipe hitters

  15. Texas Roughneck says:

    Yugo PAP M92 would look great like this with a Hunter Town Arms Kestral AK.

  16. Squirreltactical says:

    Larry, I’ve seen those survival corps adapters before. I was told that the Bulgarians and Russians used different-sized pins for the folding stock. Is that true? Was there any custom machining involved?

  17. Henry says:

    Is there anywhere stateside to buy that extended rail? It looks freaking awesome

  18. Squirreltactical says:

    Can anyone help with this? I’ve been wanting to do a similar makeover for my SLR-106CR, but all my research has turned up:

    1) All Bulgarian hinge pins are 4.5mm.

    2) The SRVV tactubes stock is 5.5mm.

    3) They aren’t compatible.

    Any ideas how LAV pulled this off?