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Ways To Help Oklahoma Recover

If you’re like us, you see the tornado devastation in Oklahoma and feel frustrated because you’re not sure how to help. Our friends at Recoil online have done a great job of summing the situation up and giving an overview of the options available to you. The incident hit very close to home for some, so be sure to check out their coverage.



2 Responses to “Ways To Help Oklahoma Recover”

  1. Sgt Damour says:

    Just as this article missed some data points so did you. The Marine Corps tested 70 different patterns and spent a paltry <$400K for the digital pattern. Contrast that to almost $4 billion by the Army!! As for blaming the Marine Corps for starting the individual branch pattern, thats fine. The Marine Corps has always prided itself on being different from the other branches, from the color of our boots in Lebanon to not wearing uniform patches. Seperating ourselves from other branches TTP's has potentailly saved Marine lives. You also compliment the Navy for having the newest pattern…that seems like a flawed reason for celebration.

    • SSD says:

      Three issues here sport.
      First, the Marine Corps didn’t test 70 patterns.
      Second, the Army didn’t spend billions of dollars on the development of their patterns. That was money spent to field the clothing and equipment in UCP.
      Third, reading is fundamental. I didn’t praise the Navy for their patterns but rather for the cut of their uniforms.