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SmartWool PHD Elite Socks Hit the Market

SmartWool has just released their new PhD Elite line of socks featuring their 4 Degree Elite Fit System and ReliaWool Technology.

I wore the last go around of SmartWool PhD socks for quite awhile. I loved the fit but the heels wore out. Every single pair. Oddly enough, the SmartWool hiking socks I was issued in the service lasted forever so I’m glad to hear that they’re integrating this new ReliaWool technology.

As these were just released to stores I haven’t had a chance to try them out yet, but I’m looking forward to it and I’ll let you know what I think. T-shirts, underwear (unless you go commando) and socks are the closest clothing to your body. Don’t skimp on them, regardless of brand. They are critical to comfort and performance.


5 Responses to “SmartWool PHD Elite Socks Hit the Market”

  1. Pat Chang says:

    Yup all my PHDs wore out at the heel as well. All other parts of the sock, looked relatively untouched, but the heel was all worn out. My Point 6 merino wool socks have lasted way longer. I will have to give these new elites a try. Any idea what the pricing point will be?

  2. Travis McDowell says:

    @ Pat, pricing is about $1 more. Durability will be similiar to that of the Adrenaline socks before phd, but with the softness of the phd. I worked with Smartwool for almost 3 years and have worn these socks for 6 months. They are as advertised.

  3. V says:

    I’ve had two pair of the elites for about 7-8 months now and wear them regularly. All the drawbacks of the original have been addressed. This is a huge improvement and well worth the $!

  4. ENYFD says:

    Ive had blow outs in the heel of everyone of my smart wools socks, switched to ” darn tough vermont” merino wool socks and they are awesome, i wear em on and off duty