Darn Tough Vermont



15 Responses to “So…”

  1. Anti-Bureaucrat says:

    Not really sure. But, at this rate, I have what seems like forever before I have to face that decision.

  2. Sal Palma says:

    Shag Baby Yeah !!!

  3. john says:

    Continue blogging because I know that they are going to fuck it up and start the process all over again.

  4. Continue writing about kit that interests me and others.

  5. Jesse says:

    I am going to Disneyland, Pat.

  6. Buy some more multicam and keep bloggin’…

  7. Wow says:

    Dude seriously? Way to use a meme TOTALLY incorrectly.

  8. Terry says:

    Once they’ve finished with the camo game, it’ll be about time for the announcement of a new infantry rifle selection process, at the conclusion of which it will be decided that the M16/M4 will be fine for another 10 years…

  9. Carlos says:

    Make new advertisements of the same gear what you previously announced first in UCP, later in MULTICAM ,and later again in ATACS …..

  10. Stefan S. says:

    No matter what the “Politicians in uniform guided by the Good Idea Fairy” come up with. There will be plenty of bitching to go around.

  11. francis says:

    start the same dialog about the continued issue of the M4?!!

  12. Bob says:

    Complain about the pattern selected and try to convince everyone this other pattern* is superior in every way. Call my congressman and try to have the whole process repeated to fuel my blog.**

    *depends on who wins, doesn’t even matter if it really is better.

    **I don’t really have a blog.