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Yes, We’ve Got Shills

For years you couldn’t comment on SSD. Then, we opened it up, and there are days that we wish we hadn’t, like the ones where we figure out that shills are coming in and decrying the competition. They are here, like a case of bedbugs. So, read the recent comments with a tainted eye. And, for the folks coming in and pretending to be a concerned citizen, we’ve got some advice. Just remember, your behavior isn’t risk free and we record your IP. In case you think it’s ok to come in and spread ill will for gain, take a look at the link.


Tighten your shot groups up or we’re going to have to change the comments portion of our program.

16 Responses to “Yes, We’ve Got Shills”

  1. This is getting to be a huge issue on more places then just here. Don’t these people realize when they are found out it will just look bad on them. Publicly roasting them is the only real solution when they are found out.

  2. Jesse says:

    They’re multiplying. And its losing Control.

  3. Ken says:

    Link is dead… 🙁

  4. Paul Weaver says:

    Whenever they’re caught, they should be publicly humiliated – names, e-mail and IP addresses, and relevant business associations published.

  5. Gun Smoke says:

    Really? Illusions of grandeur much? So what’s going on here? One Hello Kitty velcro battle patch manufacturer bashing the Star Trek velcro battle patch manufacturer. LOL

  6. Gun Smoke says:

    In a galaxy far far away….

    Fanboy Wars….

  7. Bryson Holland says:

    Proxy servers and VPNs are a dime-a-dozen, and tracing a user of either back to his ISP (and then connecting it with a name) is neither cheap nor easy. Logging IP addresses is not only nearly worthless for non-criminal activity, it is an empty threat.

    Unfortunately this is the double-edged sword of anonymity: it allows for the anonymous overthrow of corrupt regimes just as much as it allows for the anonymous posting of junk comments.

  8. Gunnar Grey says:

    Too bad some folks are showing their ass like that, but I’d be sad to see the comms go away. There are some very informed folks who have added information that I’ve appreciated greatly. some folks speak like fools and I hope we spot and call out the bad ones without silencing all the good ones.

  9. Lasse says:

    Could a user be required to comment? I believe WordPress already has a feature which only allows registered users to comment, but I’m not sure if it requires a valid email or similar, which without it, would be pointless.

  10. Tim L. says:

    SSD, would it be possible to set up the site so that staff has to approve each post before it shows on the site?

    I know some will fear the site would disallow every post SSD disagrees with, but I know you will allow posts with opinions you disagree with as long as it isn’t blatantly false or derogatory and is pertinent to the discussion.

  11. Debo says:

    Please disable comments.
    I find the comment section, both here, and on my local paper website, extremely retarded. Nothing but a bunch of know-nothing nobodies spreading lies and rumors. All I need is SSD news. I don’t need comments from the peanut gallery.