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USMC Announces Close Quarter Battle Pistol Contract Award to Colt

On Monday we reported that the new MARSOC M45 Close Quarter Battle Pistol would be the Colt Rail Gun in .45. Guess what? We were right. Remember, you heard it here first.


Less than two hours ago MARCORSYSCOM announced the award for “$22500000”. Here is the award announcement on FedBizOpps.

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11 Responses to “USMC Announces Close Quarter Battle Pistol Contract Award to Colt”

  1. Scott says:

    Now everyone and their mother is going to want one. And with weapon companies already back ordered for roughly a year, this will move every (civi) colt 1911 back even further.

    • SSD says:

      I think you’re right.

    • straps says:

      Nanny stater here who’d have to get through all sorts of agency red tape (thank you, Operation Fast & Furious/Sacramento County Deputies turned gun traffickers) to get my hands on a Colt.

      Completely on impulse I “settled” on a Kimber Desert Warrior to de-MiM. Be interesting to see if enough bleed-over hysteria develops to switch that gun’s status from “project” to “investment.”

  2. Logan F. Crooks says:

    Didn’t Kimber already have this contract?

  3. Morden says:

    Well I’m really glad we have an air force that lives in the 21st century otherwise the air wars would be fought with planes the Wright Brothers designed. I bet the new cqb rifle will be the Thompson machine gun with a rail. The Marine Corps is stupid. They are the ones who actually make people think Marines are stupid, but it is really just the brass who makes these dumbass choices which makes everyone of us Marines suffer for their dumb ass choices.

    • jp2code says:

      Sounds like the comments from a person who sees a lot of restriction of duties and forfeiture of pay.

    • Longrifle8541 says:

      Morden, you really have no idea what you are talking about. The only reason the M9 was ever picked was because of NATO pressure in a standardized round and because Beretta promised to build a plant in the US. SOCOM units have been carrying a 1911 or other 45cal weapons since the 80’s. The 9mm ball round has a poor performance record against humans. The M9 has many reliability issues in the field as well. You truely show your ignorance as the Thompson SMG is an outstanding CQB weapon, it may be a bit heavy but it is still ranked as one of the best SMGs in the world.

  4. Gunny Anonymous says:

    I’m really glad the brass finally came to their sences! The M9 has never lived up to its hype. I have done several tours as a sniper. Ask any sniper with urben experience and he will tell you his his rifle is his mission but his pistol is his LIFE! I started with the M9 then the Kimber Dessert warrior then we went to a colt “rebuild”. The frame from mine had seen time in sigon in 1968. MARSOC armors put on a dawson rail and custom slide and barrel with novac sights. The ergonomics and spped of aiming make up for magazine capacity. And let’s face it if a well trained shooter needs more than the 8+1 or 10+1 (with the extended mags I carried) at pistol distances with out time to reloadhe is dead anyway! And here is a news flash for all you glock fans out there! They DO NOT hold up nearly as well in the real world. Ask the army delta or CIA guys who got away from them after loosing people because of broken extractors and feed jams.