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SSD Visits LC Industries

If you are in the military or employed by the federal government then you have almost daily contact with LC Industries. Begun in 1936 by the Durham Lions Club, LC Industries employs about 400 legally blind workers in 12 states. They manufacture over 2000 products, many of which you will recognize. In fact, regardless of what type of unit or organization you belong to, everyone relies on the same basic commodities to get the job done. From file folders to flatware, LC Industries products provide a positive impact on the lives of our troops.

During our recent visit to LC Industries’ primary facility in Durham, North Carolina we were afforded an opportunity to tour the production floor and get a behind the scenes look at what makes LC Industries tick.


First and foremost, it’s their employees. At each work station you’ll see name plates for each of the workers. What is amazing is that next to each name is the number of years they have been with LC Industries. it’s not uncommon to see employees who’ve been on the job for 20, 30, or even 40 years. This means that it’s a very well trained work force. To provide testimony to that assertion, we noticed this sign. 692 days without accident. Fantastic!


You’d be amazed at what LC Industries manufactures. We came across this machine producing salt and sugar packets for use in MREs.


In another area, we noticed a large stock of series 5200 Master Locks in various stashes of production. Everybody uses those locks. We are told that Master Lock has moved production of several models used extensively by DoD back to the US from Mexico and entrusted this endeavor to LCI. It’s a perfect fit for their work force, with repetitive assembly operations of various parts. This is a big success story for Master Lock, LCI and the troops who will be using quality, American made products.


In another area workers were manufacturing mattresses that would be used by troops at nearby Fort Bragg. LCI has developed a process to reclaim old mattresses by burning away the materials which leaves a sterilized coil and frame. After inspection many can be remanufactured. This green initiative saves resources and money not to mention critical landfill space.

LCI purchased Tactical Assault Gear in 2010. Their raw materials are stored at their Durham facility and pre-cut materials kits are assembled there based on the bills of material for various products and shipped to their sewing facilities for final assembly.


They put their Gerber cutter to good use.


Next, we visited the Integrated Custom Design Center.


Here, they showcase the tactical products offered in the Base level LCI stores. You’ll notice many familiar brands.



This space also houses their prototype facility. There was a lot going on and hopefully we’ll be asked to unveil some of those products once they are ready.


Its amazing how many products we saw in production on the floor. Over and over again we kept saying, “I remember using those.” Also, it’s great to see Americans manufacturing products. That’s the lifeblood that built this country.

The visit to LC Industries was very impressive and we look forward to seeing new products from Tactical Assault Gear soon.


3 Responses to “SSD Visits LC Industries”

  1. Great spotlight on an often overlooked US Manufacturer. It is surprising to really see all of the products these guys carry, everything form pens and clocks to now tactical gear. This is awesome and thanks for the notice. And as a reminder to all, BUY AMERICAN.

  2. James says:

    Great people (workforce) tend to make a great company… and this is definitely the case… keep up the great work!

  3. scott says:

    Awesome! I love write ups like this. With all the negative in the world its good to shed some light on the good things we do!