OR – Metolius

The left harness is called the Strike. It’s an unpadded one-size-fits all sit and chest harness combo, Berry compliant will all Safe-tech features. This means every structural feature of all of their harnesses are full strength, ie gear loops, haul loop, and bungee webbing in back.


The harness on the right is the Patriot. It’s a lightly padded tactical climber/assault harness in 499 Tan. Additionally, helo gunners like this harness because they don’t have to worry about where they clip in. It’s a slightly lower profile design than traditional harnesses so that it won’t get in the way of other mission equipment.


The new Bravo Wire Gate carabiner was developed on the heels of the Bravo Key Lock. Boasting a 24 kN rating, it’s a lightweight wire gate carabiner in all Black. It’s also available in a lightweight quick draw option.


The green biner is called the Gate Keeper. It’s a locking carabiner for belaying. The additional wire gate keeps the biner oriented in the proper belaying position to avoid cross loading.

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