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Magpul Products Sneak Peek

Magpul is a sponsor of the Hot Shots calendar and during the photo shoot, SSD was able to check out some of their latest wares.

MOE Stock

The new MOE fixed stock for AR-style rifles unveiled at SHOT Show will be hitting the market very soon. QD cups are coming that will accommodate the MS3 mount and be offered separately in order to keep cost down and because not everyone needs them. There are holes in both the front and rear of the stock to accommodate the QD cups offering lot of versatility to the shooter.



It offers slightly larger storage compartment dimensions than the issue A2 stock. Additionally, it uses the PRS buttpad. In fact, it will be compatible with all PRS accessories in the future.



These are the initial photos of production models of the stock.

SGA 870 Stock Upgrades

Look for an MSA style loop adapter that inserts between the SGA stock and receiver. It will fit in the slot seen below. Coming soon.


M3 Magazine

One magazine to rule them all. Seriously. Magpul has invested 3 years in improving their magazine. To me, it’s as if Magpul crossbred the PMAG and EMAG to produce a single magazine that is compatible with the gamut of weapons featuring NATO Std magwells (SA80, HK416, etc) as well as AR Mil Spec weapons. But, it’s not just about new materials. They’ve also improved their molding processes as well as a few design features. By extension, this means they have had to improve their test fixtures to record improved performance. It’s gotten that much better.


Notice the slightly raised portion above and below the mag catch slot. It is an improvement that improves the strength and life of the magazine.


Here you can see the new floor plate design that slides on from the rear. The slim line option shown at SHOT has been abandoned. However, they do plan on releasing a Ranger Plate. Additionally, the dot matrix to aid in magazine marking is visible. You may also notice the bulges along the front of the mag in order to improve grip.


The body of the mag is also a bit different than its predecessors. For example, you can see a slight bulge on the spine about where the magazine bottoms out in the magwell. It’s called an over insertion stop. This is to keep the shooter from over inserting the magazine either during (re)loading or immediate action. Unfortunately, with this feature it looks like that new Kydex I got a few weeks ago from HTC will have to be replaced once these are available. But, the new features are worth it.


Additionally, you may notice the new, more pronounced cut out along the top rear of the mag. This is to more adequately accommodate the bolt hold open devices in some non-Stoner style weapons like the SCAR and ACR. With those weapons the bottom of the carrier could drag across the top of the mag. In fact, both the spine and feed lips performance has improved several fold.


Magpul has also improved the follower. While it won’t look like previous Magpul anti-tilt followers due to its asymmetric shape, they have also improved the channel that it rides along inside the magazine body.

Finally, this doesn’t mean that the PMAG, or for that matter, the EMAG will go away. Magpul will continue to support their contracts for those magazines as well as support those that prefer the slick sided EMAG. If there is one takeaway, it is that M3 (Material, mold flow, mold processing) denotes a technology that will be carried over into all future magazine designs. In addition to a proprietary magazine for an LWRC 6.8 rifle, Magpul assures us that that will be an additional new Magpul M3 technology magazine coming after this model.


13 Responses to “Magpul Products Sneak Peek”

  1. Mohican says:

    Re the next paragraph you say about MagPul M3 mags:

    “To me, it’s as if Magpul crossbred the PMAG and EMAG to produce a single magazine that is compatible with the gamut of weapons featuring NATO Std magwells (G36, SA80, HK416, etc) as well as AR Mil Spec weapons.”

    If I am right, G36 has NO NATO Std magwells and it doesn’t accept any AR15 magazine. Just the PMAG 30G is accepted by the G36, which is a MagPul design specific for this AR.

    • SSD says:

      Thanks, that was meant for the G36s that have magazine adapters. I’ll remove that so as not to upset the G36 users who do not have access to that technology.

  2. John says:

    The should make a pmag for the sig 551a1 but that would make sense right becaus there are so manny g36’s over here

  3. Justin says:

    There are actually a good number of G36s in the States. A lot of LE departments picked them up. Many more so than those still using the Sig550 series. Though I would love to see a PMAG for the 550 as well now that Sig released their 551 retro.

  4. Lasse says:

    Any word on the weight compared to older Pmags and Emags?

  5. Debo says:

    I wonder if the “additional new Magpul M3 technology magazine”(s) will incorporate a window.

  6. John John says:

    You should send me one for eval purposes.

  7. Nebes says:


    • mike says:

      I met with LWRC reps not to long ago and they were talking about their 6.8 rifles and how a “well-known magazine manufacturer that we can’t/wont name” was making mags for them. I’m really glad to see this all coming together!

  8. recce556 says:

    Well I’m glad to see that did a lot of good improvements and addressed the over insertion problem. I had to abandon the PMAG’s due to that specific problem. But now the problem is the nub that sticking out of the spine. That’s probably not going to jive with everyone’s mag pouches.

    The Lancer mag’s metal feedlips prevent over insertion as the problem with the PMAGs is that the polymer lips are too flexible which is why you can over insert them when the bolt is locked back. However, the new Lancer AWM’s have fatal problem with their feedlips (this didn’t seem to be a problem with the previous Lancers and apparently, it’s not a problem with the opaque ones)…when you slam a mag in while the bolt is locked back, you can EASILY pop a couple rounds out of the mag.

    This causes an incredibly awesome double or triple feed malfunction. Great for drills, not so great during a gun fight. Lancer could quite easily fix this problem by just make opaque mags with windows (a la PMAG) and Magpul could fix their PMAG’s but just using metal feedlips but I think that pride (and probably patents) prevent the end user from getting an optimal product.