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Ironskull Fitness 62 Lbs Skullbell

For those not in the know, Ironskull Fitness is a company that sells custom skull-inspired kettlebells, 100% made in the USA. Their latest addition to their product line is the 62 lbs Skullbell. Unlike the other kettlebells available from Ironskull, the Skullbell is completely modeled after an actual human skull, giving it an irregular shape which makes it more appropriate for 2-handed swings than for cleans and snatches. The Skullbell also features a “Gunshot entry wound on front and exit wound on the back with handle exploding through skull”, a nice little design addition if I do say so myself.

Ironskull Fitness – 62 Lb Skullbell

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3 Responses to “Ironskull Fitness 62 Lbs Skullbell”

  1. Badjujuu says:

    Honestly, there is something so much more attractive about

  2. jp says:

    I bought a skull bell from another company, an if youre serious about training with them, then pass. Buy it for the cool factor, or if you will never do a clean or any other exercise where the kettlebell will make contact with your forearm.

    • jp says:

      edit: Mine is from Ironskull. And what looks like the name and weight on the flat base, is not on the base, but a seperate flat spot opposite the face, making for additional unneeded discomfort when the edges fall against your forearm. I do use it regularly for goblet squats and kb swings.