OTG Introduces New Retention Option


Off The Grid Concepts LLC has introduced a new, removable retention option. The design will help keep your pistol in place no matter what type of ninja acrobatic stuff you’re up to.


One Response to “OTG Introduces New Retention Option”

  1. Gunnar Gray says:

    My agency requires a retention device with no though to mission or need for concealment. This looks like a great solution to replace my issued/beloved Safariland, which is too big to hide, and my Praetor Defense Holster which conceals well, but has only friction and gravity keeping it in there. here is my question though, how does that thing work? Is it like the shock cord retention common on mag pouches, or is it just one string of shock cord holding some clip on the gun? Sorry, when I’m not breaking something I’m asking the stupid questions.