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AEX Commercial

When I was out in LA I stopped by to see some of my industry friends. One of the visits was with Airsoft Extreme or AEX. They are some great folks and are up to a lot more than just airsoft. They showed me this commercial as well as a long cut they’ll be releasing soon. One of the cool things about being in LA is that they have access to video production capabilities that aren’t everywhere. Whether you are an airsoft fan or not, it’s cool to see how much work went into putting together the props for this shoot, just like in a Hollywood production. What’s more, you might be surprised who was involved in this production.

If anything, enjoy it for art’s sake. I do.


9 Responses to “AEX Commercial”

  1. chris says:

    that is some crazy money in gear.

  2. Dennis says:

    Are those the Disposable Heroes?

  3. Marc says:

    Guess you have to shoot airsoft when all the legitimate firearms are banned in you state…. People’s Republic of Kalifornia….

  4. RogerRabbit says:

    Man, it’s nice gear they got there. Wish those of us in LE had the money to buy that stuff. With all the paycuts and downsizing we’re lucky if we get a paycheck let alone cool gear. But hey as long as some airsofter is buying that keeps the companies paid which keeps gear being produced for those of us who actually use it for work. Win-win.

  5. Strike-Hold says:

    If it wasn’t for the black screens telling you it was airsoft, you’d think it was an advert by Crye, or MagPul, or something (except there’s no blat-blat-blat).

  6. Jason says:


    Yeahh, the little sewing machine sounds they make when firing aren’t as manly.

    • Firewalker says:

      Unless you get a gas blowback one 😉

      Those ones make the timid guys run from the bushes!