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SAGE Ordnance Systems Group Less-Lethal Instructor Course

SAGE Ordnance Systems Group, manufacturers of less-lethal launchers like the Deuce is offering a series of Less-Lethal Instructor Courses.

Each attendee must be physically fit for duty and able to perform physical skills associated with the use of Less-Lethal products. SAGE Ordnance Systems Group trains only sworn law-enforcement officers, correctional personnel or active service military personnel.
Required Equipment
• Eye and ear protection
• Helmet/Armor
• Duty gear normally utilized when deploying Less Lethal munitions
• Flame-resistant gloves
• Gas mask/Respirator
• Launcher
• Whistle
• Hydration equipment

Fit for Duty
This school involves physical exercises and activity. Learners are required to actively participate in the activities as part of instructor-level training. Learners should be physically prepared for the class in order to ensure successful completion of the school. Some of the classes may involve exposure to chemical agents as well as the physical exercises. Learners with physical conditions that may impair their ability to participate are responsible for contacting their physician for medical clearance prior to enrollment. Conditions requiring such consultation include but are not limited to high blood pressure, heart problems, lung problems, to include bronchitis and asthma, or allergies. SAGE Ordnance Systems Group will not assume any responsibility for any learners who do not seek medical consultation prior to course participation. Any learner who is unable to participate in the exercises cannot complete this instructor level school. It is incumbent upon the learner to ensure they are physically capable of meeting the requirements of the school.

They will be presenting the following SAGE Less-Lethal Instructor courses:

Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Host: Georgia State Patrol
Date: September 17, 18, 19

Location: Chicago, Illinois
Host: Ravelin Group, LLC / Addison Police Department
Date: October 2, 3, 4

Location: Simi Valley, California
Host: Simi Valley Police Department
Date: October 15, 16, 17

To enroll, visit www.sageinternationalltd.com/SCOI/training


3 Responses to “SAGE Ordnance Systems Group Less-Lethal Instructor Course”

  1. Mohican says:

    Why is it said less-lethal rather than non-lethal?

    Less lethal implies is lethal but less lethal than a more lethal weapon. But if I am right non-lethal is non-lethal if used properly and maybe lethal if it is employed without taking safety cautions. A car is neither a weapon nor a lethal one but it could be employed as a lethal weapon. That doesn’t mean it is a lethal weapon. I guess that’s the case with non-lethal weapons. They are non-lethal though they could be lethal in some cases, as if you use a Taser to hit the head of a man till he is dead. That doesn’t mean it is a lethal weapon.

    Sorry if I am out of my lane but I think there is a bit of controversy when talking about non-lethal weapons calling them less-lethal.