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John Paul Discusses the Trijicon JP Model ACOG

This is an excellent video featuring John Paul discussing the advantages of the Trijicon 4 x 32 Advanced Combat Optical Gunsight in general, as well as the features of the JP reticle variant. The ACOG is a great sight. I used one mounted to the fixed carrying handle of an M16A2 in 1994 during my Haitian vacation. The magnification was very handy for use as a surveillance tool to determine what was going on a block or more from our location in the city as well as while scanning rooftops.


He also mentions the use of short range sights such as the flip up style in combination with the fixed magnification ACOG to cover a wider range of targets in short order as he doesn’t have to mess with changing magnifications like with a variable power scope.


Finally, John Paul briefly discusses the “optical triangle” which consists of three key elements; magnification, eye relief and field of view. In the case of the optical triangle, you can have more of one attribute but must sacrifice the other two. In the case of the 4 x 32, the 4 is the magnification of the scope and the 32 is the field of view. You end up with a short eye relief but with the low recoil of a 5.56 mm weapon, it’s not that big of a deal. Additionally, the wide field of view of the 4 x 32 lets you see what is going on so you weren’t looking through a soda straw.

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4 Responses to “John Paul Discusses the Trijicon JP Model ACOG”

  1. awset7 says:

    Great video! I still have my TA01NSN with the Jpoint on top just as you have pictured. I have recently been shooting an Accupoint. This video has made me want to dust of the old ACOG and take her for a spin this weekend.

  2. Mohican says:

    I really prefer an Aimpoint. It is cheaper, no magnification at all, wide field of view, unlimited eye relief. If I need magnification I can attach the 3x magnifier and even though it will be cheaper.

    IMHO magnification is great when you need it but when you don’t need it it could be a problem due to field of view and eye relief.

    I have witness guys shooting really tight groups at 300 meters with no magnification at all. As it is said optics help to see better but they don’t make you shoot better.

  3. Greenleader says:

    The Trijicon does what it says. I prefer the ELCAN SPECTRE DR.

    Mohican misses the point: you can not shoot (to destroy, neutralise or suppress) without being able to acquire the target. The sooner you can acquire the rapid incapacitation zone (i.e. at longer range) the quicker the kill. Weapons group at MOA even in benches. Shooters need to bring them onto targets. Without the shooter bringing the weapon onto the target, a kill can not be made.

  4. Lou Arthur says:

    Got one with the jpoint.. love it.