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Operator’s Utility Belt from Velocity Systems

After extensive testing and field trials Velocity Systems is releasing their new Operator’s Utility Belt. Designed to be worn with a first line or rigger’s type belt, this padded belt sleeve is constructed with a “less is more” approach.

For starters, it’s narrower than other belts allowing for greater comfort and mobility while maintaining ample real estate to mount additional pouches and equipment. The key to this feature is its skeletonized insert which allows sweat to escape and air to circulate. It also makes the belt at least 25% lighter than other comparable models. Not only does it feature an ergonomic cut to properly contour the waist but it also accommodates a wide variety of riggers belts as well as the new Velocity Systems “Tac Belt”. The segmented designs allows you to customize the load by exposing the inner belt to attach holsters and other gear directly to it. Other pouches can be attached directly to the OUB. One user also mentioned to us, “There was still enough room to route a couple of flex cuffs through the belt channel also but not excessive space where the belt might shift around too much in the pad.”

I think a comment from “Dale” a sworn officer who wore the OUB during the recent Connecticut SWAT Challenge sums it up best, “The new Velocity Systems OUB is another great design by a cutting edge company, they are the new norm in functional and professional load bearing belt systems.”

The OUB is offered in Black, Coyote Brown, Desert Digital, and MultiCam. To choose the proper size measure your waist over your existing belt when worn.

Small (33” – 38”)
Medium (37” – 42”)
Large (41” – 46”)
X-Large (45” – 50”)

Demand is high for this belt. It is available now at Grey Group –


11 Responses to “Operator’s Utility Belt from Velocity Systems”

  1. Josh says:

    Man… Why does No one offer OD anymore? I’m really digging the design but our unit, and most other tactical units in the area, and wearing OD uniforms and gear…

    • Haji says:

      OD has been replaced by Ranger Green. Basically, there aren’t any mills making true OD anymore, so unless a manufacturer wants to buy an entire dye lot (that’s a hell of a lot of OD fabric not getting made into gear because there aren’t enough orders to support it) OD is gone.

      Ranger Green matches up well with OD, especially if the OD has some dirt or dust on it.

  2. Stephen says:

    I have one question. Where in the hell can I get one?

  3. Walsh says:

    Grey Group is a preferred reseller of all Velocity Systems products.
    As for OD. We are trying. The materials required to produce the belts are not available in a matching green. We will get there, stay tuned.

  4. Chris says:

    O P Tactical will start stocking these soon. We got a sample in today, and it’s a great design – very light, very thin, and contoured so it hugs your lower back better.

  5. straps says:

    What I REALLY like about this belt is that the PALS across the back is a solid field. The BROKOS belts had it segmented, knocking the PALS out of spec, meaning you couldn’t run a pouch with more than 2 columns anywhere on your first line…

  6. I had something similar. The problem I found is that if you mount ammo and utility pouches on it with any weight the system doesn’t support them because the rails are not attached to the belt that is carrying the weight and the whole thing flops about. I now have a padded belt where the belt is integral to the pad and the rails are held tight when the belt is tightened. The other problem is that it didn’t provide any padding at the bottom of the ammo pouches which can lead to ‘webbing burn’. These are unlikely to be problems to LEO but for the military its an issue. Of course it may be that this system has dealt with these issues in a way which is not apparent and has not been mentioned.

  7. Frank S. says:

    This belt seems pretty legit, I personally am a huge fan of the Suregrip belt from HSGI but this really has taken the idea of the modular battle or utility belt to a new level.

    I’m not seeing any price on the Velocity Systems stuff though, looks like it is time to do more digging. Love supporting the seldom known companies. 😎