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Kill Cliff Now Available at GNC

Make no mistake, Kill Cliff is awesome, and now, it’s available at GNC. If you haven’t heard of it, it’s a carbonated recovery drink that has an orange flavor. This isn’t an energy drink that will get you going like a freight train but then drop you like a cheating girlfriend a few hours later. Kill Cliff tastes great and each 12-ounce can of Kill Cliff contains only 25mg of caffeine, 15 calories and no sugar. What further differentiates the product is the combination of electrolytes and a proprietary mix of recovery supporting ingredients including an enzyme blend, green tea extract, ginger root, and milk thistle among other functional nutrients.

It’s now available through GNC stores as well as online for those of you that aren’t near a tactical store carrying this tasty beverage. These include GSS Gear in Va Beach and Grey Group in Fayetteville.

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2 Responses to “Kill Cliff Now Available at GNC”

  1. Baker says:

    you are the man Mr Graves you sir are the man!

  2. Reseremb says:

    Will be available at the European GNC stores?