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The Tactical Java Retention System

The Tactical Java Retention System comes from Fight and Flight Tactical. The owner originally conceived the idea during a 2005 deployment to Iraq and hand stitched the prototype in order to stow his empty coffee cup on his IBA. He commercialized the concept as the MOLLE Coffee Cup Holder.

Recently he dusted off that early model and updated its features including the ability to accommodate a mug with handles. It will also now suit a wider variety of different mugs up to and including a 1 Qt Nalgene bottle. They’ve also added 2 side pouches for carrying your favorite instant blend, sweetener, creamer or drink mixes. Naturally, it’s MOLLE compatible and incorporates and insulated band that uses 1/8″ closed-cell foam to help keep the hots hot and the colds cold.

Made in USA! and available in a variety of colors and patterns. Get yours from


One Response to “The Tactical Java Retention System”

  1. Dude. says:

    Pretty cool. Perfect for the tactical mall cop!