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A7 Helmet Systems Releases Dynamic Suspension Technology

A7 Helmet Systems has introduced their new Dynamic Suspension Technology. What sets this apart from other pad systems is that it was not designed on a 2-dimensional plane but rather envisioned as a unit that would be placed into a helmet and adapt to its shape. With these new pads A7 intended to eliminate padding gaps by designing the pads to work in concert with one another.

“This technology is a result of repeated testing and analysis with regards to how to more effectively increase the blunt-impact capability of helmet padding within a confined space, and to improve this capability without requiring the operator to move up in helmet size to allow for the use of thicker padding,” said Kerry Harris, President and Chief Technology Officer. “The thickness of the padding used in combat helmets is generally limited to three quarters inches, therefore proposed solutions to the problem have been confined to the exploration of various types and combinations of materials of which are all, again, confined to three quarters inches. The traditional approach to increasing blunt-impact performance has been to use thicker padding but this is unacceptable today because it would require an already overburdened war-fighter to wear a larger, heavier, and less stable helmet to accommodate the pads. We were able to solve the problem through the utilization of our patents-pending Dynamic Suspension Technology or D.S.T.”

Check out their entire line of helmet technologies on their newly revamped website at www.a7helmetsystems.com.


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