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Elzetta Introduces ZFL-M60 Flashlights in Green


Elzetta is offering a very limited number of their ZFL-M60 Flashlights in a dark GREEN hard anodized finish (this is true no-compromise Type III hard anodizing – the same process used on their standard black parts).

The Lights are available in their two best-selling configurations:
ZFL-M60-CS2D (Crenellated Bezel, Standard Malkoff M60 LED Module, 2-Cell Body, & High/Low Tailcap) and
ZFL-M60-CS2S (Crenellated Bezel, Standard Malkoff M60 LED Module, 2-Cell Body, & High/Strobe Tailcap)

Custom laser engraving from the Elzetta Custom Shop is available on these Lights.

Supply is extremely limited. Orders may be placed at http://www.ELZETTA.com


4 Responses to “Elzetta Introduces ZFL-M60 Flashlights in Green”

  1. Brian says:

    This might seem weird but I am furious!!!!!!!!!! I saw them at Shot show this year and asked them why they don’t do a tan model? I also said to them they might kill it with tan since they are so hard to come by in a good flashlight. Of course unless you want to shell out almost 6 bills for Surefire. They just replied that they didn’t have enough requests and you would be surprised that Tan is not that popular. What? Am I the only one that thinks stuff looks way better in FDE? So now I just saw this post and showing a green model? Take in mind I like it better than black for my taste but it still couldn’t be more popular than FDE. So this brings me to the oldest trick in the book. And Apple is the pioneer for this tactic. They always hold out on cool features they know they can add but reserve it for a later model so they can just sell more to the masses. Then when everyone has a Black one and now they see the new Green they buy it just so they can sell them a TAN one next year. This F****n! pisses me off!!!!!!!
    I see there strategy but I WILL JUST HAVE TO WAIT ANOTHER YEAR>

  2. Haji says:

    Its Elzetta that loses not having an FDE/CB/Tan option. If there’s enough of a need, there’s always Krylon.

  3. Brian says:

    Hi Brian

    No tricks. In honor of the upcoming Elzetta Low Light Tactical Training & Zombie Shoot event on October 27th, we have made a very small batch of Green ZFL-M60’s. These are true Type III hard anodized Lights (Type III anodizing is naturally a charcoal grey color that can only be dyed darker so there is no way to get a true Type III hard anodized finish with a FDE color – a significant compromise of hardness is required to product lighter colors and we do not compromise the quality of Elzetta products).

    Act quickly if you want a Green one as there are no plans to make anything but black in the future.

    Thanks & God bless,

    Elzetta Design, LLC

    P.O. Box 54364

    Lexington, KY 40555