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New Today – TAD Ranger Jacket

Released later today, Triple Aught Design introduces a collared Ranger Jacket. Offered in Coyote Brown, Loden Green, Black and UE Grey, it is available in versions with pile tape patches on the biceps as well as without.

It features roomy chest pockets, dual bicep pockets and a forearm pocket on the left sleeve. It’s an athletic cut but it’s available in sizes Small – XXXLarge. I have to warn you, TAD products are tight runs and generally sell out the same day.


7 Responses to “New Today – TAD Ranger Jacket”

  1. Husky says:

    Don’t waste your money on these! The exactly copy from China/maybe same factory made will come out soon! Buy Arcteryx LEAF!

    • SSD says:

      Why would you do that? Seriously. I don’t come to the stroll and lap dicks out of your mouth. If you don’t want to buy something keep it to yourself. If you have a reason not to buy it then speak up, but don’t come here and just talk smack.

      • Husky says:

        Based on my pass experience. TAD customer service is rude and lousy! I have to explain to their accounting the difference between “refund” and “pay” on paypal for returning TAD items.
        by the way Ryan:
        Not all the TAD jackets made in USA!

        • SSD says:

          Ok, that is a reason to attempt to sway purchasers, a bad experience. Straight up bad mouthing isn’t cool.

  2. Ryan says:

    Your wrong on so many levels its not funny. Chinese companies ripped off TAD designs. TAD is making this jacket in the states not over seas. Arcteryx Leaf is good I will give you that but so is TAD (I own many examples of both). I would love to know what your basing this on were you perusing some Chinese airsoft retailer?

  3. Ryan says:

    I have had nothing but good service from TAD customer service by email phone and on forums. Judging by how you posted on here I can only assume you didn’t approach the situation with any tact. That’s correct they now make them in Canada where I am from so I am perfectly fine with that. They had to move production to China for awhile because they couldn’t find good priced seam welding as it would have been cost prohibitive. Unless your buying Berry LEAF stuff a bunch of its made in China too.

  4. Husky says:

    Drac and New Bravo are made in China..Atom in Asia..most of the jackets are still made in Canada or El Salvador.. Goretex are made in Canada…
    Only thing I can complaint about Arcteryx is the PRICE! Their custoer service is way better than TAD from my experience.