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“Operation Z” Starring Chris Costa

“Operation Z” – A 12-part web-based series, described as the “ULTIMATE guide to surviving a zombie apocalypse.” Starring Chris Costa.


35 Responses to ““Operation Z” Starring Chris Costa”

  1. Bill says:

    Apparently not.

  2. Bluedevil says:

    This video was removed by the user.

  3. James Beard says:

    “Zombies!” oh, how wonderful!!! 0.o

  4. Travis says:

    Oh good. I was beginning to think he wouldn’t sell out.

    • Andrew says:

      I fail to see how this is selling out. He has a family to feed just like anyone else, and this seems like an awesome opportunity for him. Plenty of well known instructors have and would do things similar to this. Think Scotty Reitz in Dawn of the Dead, or Travis Haley on the Military Channel commending on the Top Sniper Challenge many years back… Its funny how since airsofters love a guy, everyone else has to hate him… I hate the airsuckers/fanboys too, but Chris is good people.

      • Bubba says:

        Are you actually comparing Haley doing a Military show about actual Military members with Costa doing a Zombie show????

        • Andrew says:

          Did I stutter? Oh and don’t forget that I also included Scotty Reitz in there. I already see where your going with this, yes they are apples and oranges. The point is there is no reason he should be considered a sellout. ESPECIALLY since you haven’t even seen the damn show yet.

          • Sarah says:

            Both of those are done by the same company, which also made all their training videos. This looks terrible though.

      • Brookhaven says:

        “Its funny how since airsofters love a guy, everyone else has to hate him…”

        Doesn’t that say EVERYTHING?

        Those that KNOW consider him a fraud milking the industry. Those that DON’T KNOW consider him a multicam wearing “Operator” who has done “Special Operations Related” missions all over the globe. His actual resume says different but thats how he and his group of friends market him.

        Hence he has to run to the Airsofters and no background Internet based instructors for help him circle vet him into stardom.

        Damn shame.

    • Ben says:

      I don’t see how this is “selling out” either. It’s not like it’s being produced by a major corporate entity. And maybe Costa just likes zombies. Does Costa have to take himself seriously 24/7? I don’t think so.

    • Andy says:

      Travis I agree with you 100% this guy is supposed to be a professional I can’t take him seriously when he is talking about zombies and shit…

  5. Burton says:

    I imagine it was removed because in the final part of the video, audio is played from Deputy Kyle Dinkheller’s shooting, which includes multiple gunshots from the murderer and Kyle’s screams; if you’ve heard it before, it is an unforgettable sound.

    The concept of the video is fine, but that last part is completely distasteful. Shame on them for profiting from the murder of one of our LEO brothers.

    • Burton says:

      Chris wrote on his FB page that he was not aware it was in it, and once it was pointed out to him, the video was taken down so that it could be re-edited to remove that part.

      Sounds like it was just an honest, albeit unfortunate, mistake.

    • SSD says:

      It’s only a shame if they don’t apologize and fix it. They are fixing it.

  6. Stick says:


    How is using the audio feed from a cop getting killed to showcase a zombie story an honest unfortunate mistake? Its taken down because people called them out on it. It was put in intentionally, and that needs to be reflected, not excused.

    Even liberals don’t show this stuff with our troops. Its suddenly ok because its a cop and zombies? I don’t think so.

    • straps says:

      I produce video vignettes and programs for commercial entities as a freelancer/contractor/consultant pretty regularly.

      One resource used by creatives who are focused on low costs, quick turnarounds and–lets face it–keeping the lights on–are internet repositories of audiovisual content uploaded by other creatives. Some creatives are diligent about posting sourcing info and contextual data. MOST ARE NOT. This is MOSTLY because less information is better if there are copyright issues (fair use or not), PARTLY because people don’t care.

      A creative gets a gig, educates the client about the cost difference between “found” content and “original” or “licensed” content (for a commercial piece, the cost difference is STAGGERING) then assembles, creates and consolidates audio and visual content, revises, and gets paid (most of the time).

      99% of the time everyone goes away (and stays away) happy. 1% of the time all hell breaks loose, either due to a copyright issue or a piece of “found” content that may have a culturally or regionally-specific context. Like the audio of a local Law Enforcement Officer coming to harm tragically. Buck-passing evolves into blamestorming and a couple sacrificial lambs are offered up. I’ve seen people quit, get fired, stiffed, sued, run out of town and professionally ostracized for choosing the easy wrong AND the hard right on this practice.

      My take on how this happened; unlikely that anyone “in the community” was aware of–or ignored counsel on–the source of that audio. the bad move was likely made a couple degrees of separation from Mr. Costa, probably by someone who is right now wondering what the fuss is about.

      And THAT is why I get twitchy when the zombie angle works its way into our culture. You don’t have to look too far to meet someone who TRULY doesn’t deserve this community’s favors.

    • Burton says:

      As I said, they commented that they were unaware that it was from a real life shooting. I choose to take them at their word rather than call them both liars over something that I have no evidence to support.

      I already said in my first comment that if it had been purposefully done that was a big problem.

  7. Sgt Moped says:

    Come on people, Drink water and drive on. It may be on the side of distasteful but theres no need to get all butt hurt. If the sound clip was of a insurgent being killed, no one would be saying a thing.

    • Andrew says:

      Not sure where your going with your statement, but IMO it would be a big fucking deal if they didn’t fix it. But with what straps said above, and the fact that they are fixing it, I believe there was no harm done.

  8. Bobbydavro says:

    I wonder if people have looked at the article??? I took from it that ‘zombie apocalypse’ is a simple metaphore to any situation where preparedness and ability to fend for yourself and others and hopefully the series will give a good insight and education into this area, not only weapon training also medical and emergency areas as well, to all those who are fixated on the title get over yourself’s if the title attracts one person who learns one life saving skill who otherwise would switch off to a tactical nonsense title then it has achieved its aim. Hopefully they have as good a presenter doing the other stuff as costa doing firearms training

    • MannyF says:

      That’s the same reasoning behind what the CDC did with their zombie campaign. I personally think it’s a good idea to try and attract the attention of people not normally interested in being prepared for emergencies and getting them to do so.

  9. jay says:

    Wow, Chris way to sell out.

  10. john says:

    A zombie Apocalypse is a fantasy. However it gives charlatans something to hope for.

    We have been at war for Ten Years. If you want to test yourself and your skills, nut up and put on a uniform.

    Everything else is meaningless.

  11. getbackjoejoe says:

    I’ll watch it.

  12. Jon says:

    I don’t know about you and sellouts and all, all I’m looking at in this video is those girls with guns….what a way to survive the Apocalypse! That air compressor crossbow Gatling gun thing is pretty BA also.

  13. Matty says:

    I thought zombies was supposed to be a tactical fanboy thing.

  14. Hank says:

    I’ll never forget the first time I worked a scene where someone negligently shot themselves with zombie ammo (they weren’t hurt badly). That having been said, if this leads to people taking their own well being into their hands IN A RESPONSIBLE MANNER, then isn’t all this crazy zombie stuff worth putting up with? I’m no zombiephile, but I understand why people who have devoted their lives to preparing others for bad situations would put their name on it.

  15. Phil Hagoes says:

    Based on the trailer, I noticed the following things.
    1-Its very interesting.
    2-Its highly plausible that a city like LA could go sideways.
    3-Most people don’t have any training, let alone high quality training.
    4-There were some hotties in there that need a closer look!

  16. Sarah says:

    Just watched it. Buy the videos from Magpul Dynamics. Exact same material and they are done better. These were clearly done quickly to jump on the Zombie bandwagon.

  17. Mike says:

    Watched and was thoroughly disappointed. Sarah is right buy the Magpul DVDs, they are fantastic. These are complete garbage.. This guy sums it up just about perfectly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FbSM1OsPG4&feature=plcp