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The CORE Panel

I asked Austere Provisions Company’s President, Michael Griffin to describe his latest creation and he shared this with us, “The CORE Panel is a concept I have been playing around with for quite a while after trying to find a good solution for a few problems. The first issue I was running into was that with all the latest and greatest lightweight and compact gear I could carry a tremendous amount of capability but I often had issues keeping things organized in both commercial and military style bags and packs. I was carrying a lot of the same items whether I was using a day pack or a messenger bag and when flying a lot of those items had to be checked. Assembling them all on the CORE Panel allowed me to organize and move items quickly and easily.”

He took the PALS modularity concept and developed the CORE Panel. It allows the user to set it up with small to medium general purpose or specialty pouches whether they be for commo gear, medical supplies, magazines, demo, signal gear or whatever else the user’s mission dictates and keep all that gear organized and easily retrieved. PALS was the perfect fit. There are already thousands of pouches out there and many users are finding themselves constantly reconfiguring their equipment. One day they are operating in an overt and it’s covert the next. The CORE Panel offers the user tremendous flexibility.

In addition to being able to mount most any MOLLE pouch, the CORE Panel has a sewn in grab handle and accessory loops on each side to allow attachment of FASTEX repair style buckles for a sling-style shoulder strap and waist band or to attach to the interior of vehicles or anywhere else the user can come up with.

The production pieces will be slightly different from the sample photos based on improvements developed during use. Word has it that Velocity Systems will be building these. Delivery times and pricing to follow soon.


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