AUSA – Blueye Eyewear

Blueye Eyewear brings over 16 years of eye protection experience to the market. Based in Australia, they focus on individual market segments. Their latest thrust is in defense.


The SOS Super Cell answers the problem Soldiers have with moving quickly in and out of the sun. This goggle is built to US Mil Spec and in addition to an anti-fog coating features a removable photochromatic lens. This allows the wearer to strip away the darkened lens when they go into darkened areas. It also serves as a sacrificial lens to prevent scratching of the SOS Super Cell’s primary lens.

Additionally, there is a silicon nonslip head strap with integrated goggle sleeve.

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One Response to “AUSA – Blueye Eyewear”

  1. Andrew says:

    This is good stuff. I know the technology has been used in motorsports for years, but applying in this manner is extremely innovative in my eyes. I think being able to have one set of eye pro and transition quickly between tinted for sun to clear for dark will increase the combat effectiveness and safety of our warfighters.