AUSA – Airborne Systems Part II


I thought some of you jumpers might be interested in this parachutist helmet from MSA Gallet exhibited by Airborne Systems. It is a derivative of a Gallet helo helmet.


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4 Responses to “AUSA – Airborne Systems Part II”

  1. D says:

    MFF-specific helmets are a step backwards. Integration with the ballistic helmet is the way forward. IMHO.

    • George_Rules says:

      Exactly, most of the new helmets coming out have attachment points for the O2 mask, and provide ballistic protection when you hit the ground, I really see no use for this item. I still have to have my combat helmet in a bag for when I insert, so why use this. Both OPS CORE and CRYE Airframe are completely compatable with O2 through the use of rails.

  2. George_Rules says:

    Not sure how that shield will keep wind from going into my eyes at 120MPH, seems like I would still need to have eyewear on making the shield redundant. Looks like large gaps at the side and bottom, and not a tight seal on the face.

  3. Sketchy_Endeavor says:

    I concur with what has already been said. It bothers me that companies still make military jump only gear that has no applicability to the battlefield. I guess you can’t really blame them though, there’s still military units allowing their Free Fallers to jump as if they’ve just been ejected out of a fighter plane. The most common configuration for a Free Faller until recent times is a Gentex or PM HALO helmet, a flight suit and no combat equipment. I guess it’s the perpetuation of this by way of the industry and non-tactical military jumpers (<how is that even allowed to happen?) that is the most frustrating.