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K9 Products from Fight and Flight Tactical

Due to our coverage last week of AUSA, we were remiss in telling you about Fight and Flight Tactical’s K9 products. They’ve introduced the Basic MK VII Tactical K9 Harness Bundle.

Bundle includes:
(1) MK VII Tactical K9 Harness
(1) set of K9 Harness Pouches, Medium
(1) Medium Folding Dog Food/Water Bowl

The Mark Seven harness itself includes these features:
* Angled yoke and chest piece prevent choking, unlike other harnesses with a horizontal chest strap
* Lined with 3mm airmesh on body, chest piece and Skidplate
* PALS on sides for mounting pouches and patch panels
* PALS on top front for mounting lights and/or strobes
* Skidplate underneath provides two functions:
– interior pocket for cooling packs
– body strap channels have hook fastener inside, which mates with the loop fastener on the straps, preventing shifting of the harness
– Skidplate does not interfere with the natural functions of male dogs (customers have asked this repeatedly)
– Skidplate inner layer is 3mm airmesh, outer layer is heavy mesh, for durability and breathability
* Inner harness (with detachable leg loops) designed to take the stresses of rappelling
* 4″x9″ loop velcro on the back for mounting sensors or other equipment
* 2″x6″ loop velcro on yokes for nametapes and ID patches
* Fore and aft handles run the entire length of the harness, through the inner harness, for strength and durability
* 1.75″ drop-forged V-rings fore and aft for patrol or tracking use
* 1.75″ Cobra buckle closure on sides
* All inner harness webbing and hardware parachute spec rated (harness cannot be used for airborne operations)
* Optional PALS panel mounts on to 9″x4″ loop area for mounting PALS-compatible sensors (sold separately)


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