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“Dual Survivor” Continues Shooting

Cody Lundin reports that along with his as-yet-unnamed new partner, they have filmed seven episodes of the next season of “Dual Survival“, with six more to go (this Cape Buffalo skull came from an episode shot in Africa). Unfortunately, there is still no word from Discovery about when new season will air.

Be sure to check out his 2013 Aboriginal Living Skills School course calendar at www.codylundin.com.

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2 Responses to ““Dual Survivor” Continues Shooting”

  1. Dude Man says:

    I like Cody I just can’t buy into the barefoot thing. They were at about 10,000′ with two foot of snow and he’s barefooted in shorts. He did admit his toes were cold. Sounds like a good way to lose a few toes to me. That aside much respect. I wish I had his edible plant knowledge.

  2. Gregory says:

    Good deal. Thanks for the heads up.