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How To Know If It’s Genuine Australian MultiCam Pattern

How can you tell if it’s genuine Australian MultiCam Pattern? Why by branding of course! In these photos taken during this week’s Land Warfare Conference currently being held in Melbourne, Australia, you can see the ADF Tri-Service Crest on AMP.

AMP was developed by Crye Precision specifically for the Australian Defence Force to provide a distinct version of MultiCam in similar fashion to the Multi Terrain Pattern for the UK MoD.

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2 Responses to “How To Know If It’s Genuine Australian MultiCam Pattern”

  1. Strike-Hold! says:

    I guess the jelly beans and bunny ears weren’t enough eh? 😉

  2. Chris U5 says:

    I’m sad to see the demise of the ‘bunny ears’ 🙁
    A true camo classic and one of my personal favourite patterns…the World has gone Multicam crazy.