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INVISIO V60 Training Video

To follow up on the release of their latest product the INVISIO V60 Tactical Quad-Com System, TEA Headsets has now published an expanded training video that provides a dynamic overview of the V60’s features and market leading capabilities.



3 Responses to “INVISIO V60 Training Video”

  1. Mike Birchfield says:

    I have a comment for you……how about not having the damned video start up every time you log onto the web site. Very aggrivating to have to scroll to the article and turn off the damned video every time. I don’t care what they are selling…. it pisses me off and I will not support their product. How’s that for negative advetising!

    • mike says:

      I agree completely. NOT cool.

      • SSD says:

        Vimeo won’t let me disable the autoplay feature. I hate Vimeo right now…

        Having said that, please don’t say you are going to boycott a product you aren’t buying in the first place. It’s silly and annoying.