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Craig “Sawman” Sawyer Joins Raine Inc for Special Operation Forces & Battlefield Solutions

Raine Inc is doing some really great, innovative stuff. They’ve brought new people on board and released new designs. And now, they’ve announced the addition of Former Navy SEAL Craig “Sawman”Sawyer to their team where he’ll assist with product development. Sawyer began his career as a Marine and later joined the Navy to become a SEAL serving at SEAL Team 1 and at DEVGRU. After retiring from leaving the Navy he served as a high threat mobile security contractor and in federal law enforcement. More recently he has worked with the entertainment industry as a technical advisor and military/firearms expert on popular productions such as History Channels “Top Shot” and the Military Channel’s “Deadliest Sniper”.


Raine Inc. is very proud to have such a fine warrior on its team. With new developments in our Raine Inc. fighting kit, Craig has already begun putting his stamp on various products and processes. The battlefield can be a tricky place that is ever evolving. Craig and Raine Inc. see solutions to these challenges through current and relevant experience. This serves our clients when they need it most, in action. As special operations and unconventional warfare continue to evolve, we will meet the needs of our warriors with real solutions designed by warriors, for warriors. Looking forward, Craig will be involved in all aspects of product development, design, marketing and education of Raine products. “Lighter, Faster, Stronger” is our mindset and Craig will help us continue to move in that direction.
– Will Romes, Marketing & Development Manager

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5 Responses to “Craig “Sawman” Sawyer Joins Raine Inc for Special Operation Forces & Battlefield Solutions”

  1. Ahhh yes! That’s all we need is another actor teaching folks how to shoot. And the circus continues..

    Have a good one,

  2. straps says:

    Actually, what’s up for debate is Instructors going into Entertainment.

    Anyone with his skill set, an obligation to support himself and his family and the choice between a half-dozen television appearances with a gear consulting gig thrown in for good measure–or a PSD gig in harm’s way for equivalent NET compensation (or even compensation adjusted for the VERY DIFFERENT risk propositions) would be a fool to reject the one-way-range option.

    Interested to see where this goes. Raine gear thus far has underwhelmend me. Which begs the NEXT relevant question: Do we need ANOTHER player in the 3-mag shingle market?

    • Will says:

      No, we sure dont. Craig and I will look forward to changing your perception of Raine Inc equipment over the next several months.