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Recoil May Have Misstepped But Publishers Are Listening – World of Firepower

I picked up a new quarterly magazine today. “World of Firepower” is a publication from the Editors of Gun World and mimics the look, size and feel of the up and comer “Recoil” magazine. Literally. Take a look at the cover. But, I’d say they won’t make the same mistakes that “Recoil” did. Take for example the editorial by Consulting Editor Paul Hantke. He gives a great synopsis of a lifetime with firearms and over 25 years of writing experience to let us know that there are gun guys behind this one.

It’s a lifestyle magazine that’s more “Maxim” than “Guns and Ammo” and includes loads of cool guy photos of Operators in action as well as a feature by “No Easy Day” author Mark Owen. Overall, “Firepower” seems to be more military centric than “Recoil” was. Throw in some gun reviews, gear porn, knives, and some female eye candy and I’d say it will be popular.

It’s a new format for a rather traditional industry. I’m looking forward to the next issue to see how it fares.



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  2. Lawrence says:

    Sounds interesting. I’ll look out for it.

    One note though – look at the trigger finger there on the front cover….

  3. Is there a way to order online. I didn’t see one on the site.

    • SSD says:

      I picked mine up at the Navy Exchange. I’d expect to see it hitting news stands over the next week.

      • Ryan says:

        Sadly even at our Canex the Canadian version of the PX we get limited magazines. The peoples republic of Canada doesn’t have as big of a military and guns culture sadly. I will keep my eye out on ebay to see if I can snag one.

        • Chris says:

          I saw Recoil at a 7-11 in Calgary…lucky find I think but maybe this one will pop up too. Hope so anyway.

  4. FormerSFMedic says:

    Eric, I picked it up 2 days ago at a Meijer. Overall, I didn’t like the layout as much as Recoil. I would say they still have some work to do. I really liked the content. Of course, I’m more of a Military gun and gear reader anyway. I think it shows promise. There were some really good write ups in it, even though the information was a little “basic” overall.

    • SSD says:

      Agreed, it is a bit clunkier at this point. For example, they are using a lot of DoD photos.

  5. Ben says:

    It’s a very easy thing to do, try and make somebody else’s magazine after they made a mistake

    Let’s not forget that although you might need “gun guys” to write about guns, you also need “magazine guys” to make a magazine.

  6. Buckaroomedic says:

    Great! More gun porn . . .

  7. Roy says:

    The problem with going with a lifestyle magazine is that you need to have a certain flair.

    While Recoil was heavy on the flair on light on the substance, it seems that this magazine may be dressed up as a “lifestyle” magazine, the writers do not seem to be the lifestyle type