BE Meyers Flash Hider for 5.56mm Weapons Now Available for Civilian Purchase from Weapon Outfitters

Developed for use with the M249 SAW, the highly successful 5.56 flash hider from BE Meyers is available for the first time for civilian purchase from Weapon Outfitters. It also fits other 5.56mm weapons.


As you can imagine this is an ITAR controlled item so US domestic sales only.


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5 Responses to “BE Meyers Flash Hider for 5.56mm Weapons Now Available for Civilian Purchase from Weapon Outfitters”

  1. MarkK says:

    Sweet, it’s a vegetable collector. Actually a real problem in vietnam with the M16’s early flash hider.
    Quote from “The Black Rifle”:” […]the ‘birdcage’ model […] did away with the problem of catching the old design’s prongs in vines, tall grasses and brush.”
    Lessons unlearned.

    • AttackBlue1 says:

      In the jungles of Helmand Province? I would think effective flash suppression during a two-way live fire trumps issues with blackberry bushes.

      • Bob the Builder says:

        We are not always going to be in ‘astan so your logic is WAAAAAAAYYYY of base.

        Interestingly enough, the vortex also had a groove to insert safety wire.

        The big issue is POI shft and effects on accuracy. The vortex was horrible in this regards. We have pics of a MK12 that we mounted a Vortex flash hider on we acquired from the Canadians that was compatible with the OPSINC can and it opened up the shot pattern from .25moa to 1.25moa when using MK262. Because we never really intented to use the system without the can we went back to the issue OPS break.

        In additon, I would like to know if there is a sound signature increase.

    • MarcusAurelius says:

      The groove around the front end of the flash hider (ends of the prongs) is for user-installed safety wire (or equivalent) to keep grass, branches, etc out of the prongs if that becomes a problem in particular circumstances. No effect on flash suppression.