Sector 5 Black Ops iPhone 5 Case

Shipping December 6th, the new Sector 5 series Black Ops case from Element Case is the latest edition designed specifically for the iPhone 5.

It features a Black non-glare type 3 hard anodized finish with amber corner links as well as a knurled Black power button.

The G10 back plate was created by VZ Grips for this build and the case is topped with a PALS-compatible Element Case Tactical Holster.

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9 Responses to “Sector 5 Black Ops iPhone 5 Case”

  1. JW says:

    Come on, it is $199.00! That is ridiculous. I love this site and read it everyday, but have some control and don’t post crap products. The guys that read your site don’t spend $200 on an iPhone case that is identical to many other cases on the market and that provides little protection. The name “Black Ops” isn’t enough for most and you know VZ is making $185 dollars on everyone they sale. That’s ridiculous! You guys are better than that here at soldier systems. Don’t post cheesy companies products that are robbing people. Sorry, been reading your site for 2 years and this is my first post. Someone needed to say it.

    • SSD says:

      It isn’t a VZ product. They just provide one of the components. And I hate to disappoint you, but there are people who spend that much on phone cases. If there weren’t, they wouldn’t have made this one. Oddly enough, companies tend to be in the business of making money.

  2. deadcat says:

    I am very much an Android guy, but that case looks pretty slick.

  3. mike says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how little people have to say with so many words. If you don’t like something, awesome! Don’t buy it! The admin posts things well out of my price range on a regular basis, but I still love seeing them.

    I mean, you could just hang out on the Condor site if you don’t like the price of things you see here…

  4. Reconx says:

    Looks pretty sweet and seeing how there isnt that many well made iPhone 5 cases out there yet I might consider spending $200…

  5. Mark says:

    Poor people make me lol. Ugh, I can’t reach those grapes… They’re sour anyway. Oh and can’t even read the whole article and see who actually manufactures the case. Durp Durp.

    Sounds like, “all those people with dumb overpriced nice houses. My trailer works just fine”.

  6. mark says:

    wow cheesy and a crap product, really…. you must not get out much and how can you comment on something that you no nothing about. i have had a chance to have handled one of there other case’s and the product was far from cheesy, but you wouldn’t know because a buck 99 is out of your price range. They start shipping on Dec 20th and I am one of those guys that spent the money to get one. I also have vz grips on my over priced Springfield trp… ya its ALSO cheesy and a piece of crap… loved it when some one opens there pie hole and doesn’t have a clue on what there talking about…they love to hear them self speak….vz only makes the backing for the case but you couldn’t read so I’m helping you out. I’m always amazed by people that put other people down or thier stuff down… down deep you must want one.. start collecting cans or if your a good boy Santa might bring you one…no go back in to your trailer and drink a cup of shut the #$%^ up…..there are alot of over price stuff in the world… coffee… cars…homes… on..and on…I’m sure you’ll find something else to complain about before the day is up…Merry freaking Christmas…o yeah I sell petroleum products…talk about over price.. our gas almost reached 5 bucks a gallon… dang I wish I could have heard you then…

  7. Jude says:

    Black ops by Element is made in the USA from a solid block of metal. The grip is amazing! I love mine and get tons of compliments. I hesitated but after I installed it….just thought WOW. I am spoiled and know it but I can aford a vanity case for my iphone. There are more expensive products out there…. Big shock huh? I wish the unit came in pink…for us ladies. Cheers!