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Eagle Industries Launches New Website

In addition to an updated look, Eagle’s new website includes products sheets for many of your favorite products as well as a few “new” products such as the Multi Mission Armor Carrier (MMAC) seen below. The MMAC has been around for awhile but this is the first time it’s been featured on their site.

The MMAC fits SPEAR/BALCS SAPI and ESAPI Front/Rear plates and uses a kangaroo-style flap to retain the cummerbund which will carry 3 x M4 magazines. In addition to a drag handle and padded shoulder straps with detachable cable routing, the rear also features upper and lower pack attachment connection points for attaching Eagles Modular Assault Packs. The MMAC is modular so you can configure it with a MOLLE assault cummerbund that integrates both Radio and side plate retention or a simple waist strap to maintain a low profile. The MMAC will also accept Deltoid and Groin protection.

16 Responses to “Eagle Industries Launches New Website”

  1. Roecar says:

    I wonder if these products are still made in the US or made in the Dominican Republic.

  2. CT314 says:

    Their DR plant was shut down along with one of the plants in PR. All products other than stock will be made in PR.

  3. gator says:

    If you like eagle, look into FirstSpear. American made and a lot of Eagle guys are now with FS.

  4. JDT says:

    Yea, FirstSpear has great products and excellent customer service. And of course they have the US-made thing going for them too.

  5. Chris says:

    Reminds me SHOT Show 2012…. Hope the stocking program gets off the ground this time around.

  6. JC says:

    Eagle supposedly just won the three way competition for the USASOC contract to replace the aging Eagle SFLCCs kit issued to SF and Rangers. Tyr Tactical, Crye Precision, and Eagle all vied for the contract in the trial (held at either Ft Benning or Bragg) this past Summer/Autumn. This may be the equipment kit that won them the contract.
    This vest was originally solicited by NSW; both Eagle and London Bridge Trading have a version. LBT’s version (LBT 6094) has been enormously popular with NSW, as LBT has a much better working relationship with the NSW community, but there are a few of Eagle’s vests out there. Until now they’ve been pretty rare.

    • SSD says:

      It wasn’t for SFLCS and the actual SFLCS kits themselves aren’t that old as SF command took forever to decide what they wanted in the kits.

      • JC says:

        OK, no SFLCs kit replacement; so what/who was this trial/competition designed to select equipment for? You likely have better insight. All I know is that it did happen (heard it from Tyr owner JB) and it was for USASOC, maybe destined only for the CIFs? Considering it took so long to get the SFLCs kit issued to SOF units, this could well be advance planning for life-cycle replacement of that equipment. As for the SFLCs kit being new, I would respectfully disagree. They did send a newer version 1-2 years ago, but it wasn’t a full replacement. The way they issued it was to issue the SFLCs kit as a massive bag (later a better rolling duffel w/ frame) with just pouches and LBE. All armor-carriers were issued seperately. First the Eagle MAR-CIRAS, then the releasable Land version of the CIRAS, then the BAE vest, then the Eagle plate carrier (but not the NSW/MMAC style carrier). Guys use the plate carrier, a few use the BAE vest, but almost all buy their own mag pouches and various accessory pouches. Many have bought their own LBT 6094, or Crye PC, or SKD PIG, or whatever other PC. No one really uses a full vest anymore. Gone are the days of rolling around Baghdad wearing a full vest with 9 to 12 30 rnd magazines, 4+ pistol mags, 2+ frags, 4 bangs, camelbak sleeve, strip charges, initiating systems. Shit, our gear was over 80 lbs at one point… We go lighter, leaner, and faster now. The SFLCs kit is old school – robust, tough, bomb-proof, but heavy.

        • SSD says:

          You’ve taken almost every SOF armor and load carrying system for the past 10 years and packed them into a shotgun and then blasted them at the wall. While essentially part of SPEAR BALCS at least on paper (except for legacy USMC systems), they are all separate from one another. Although, thanks to the magic of PALS they all will often be used in concert with one another to varying degrees.

          SFLCS is a very specific system, a pouch and harness system.

          What just went down was a replacement for the MBAV plate carrier. TYR, Eagle, and Crye Precision were finalists although I’ve seen no formal announcement for a “winner.” Procurement won’t be like in days gone by but rather the item will placed on an approved list nd purchased as needed rather than issued against every MTOE position.

          As an aside, the Eagle system incorporates a Granite Gear frame system.

          • JC says:

            When you walk into OCIE/supply, a shotgun blast is what you get… They still have and issue all of those armor carrying systems, though most guys chose the BAE vest and the Eagle MBAV. It’s good that they’re looking to replace or give a better option than the Eagle Plate Carrier (the MBAV). It’s good enough, but most guys want better than good enough. It would be great if they look to give operators something they would purchase with their own money. The MMAC/6094 style is very good; it’s a classic, well-proven and comfortable design. It’s probably the most widely copied type of vest out there. I can think of at least 5 outstanding manufacturers that make a version of it or something nearly identical. Thanks for the clarification. It helps us to know what we should go buy on our own or just wait to see if it gets issued.

            • SSD says:

              I wasn’t aware that they had actually made a decision. And even if they have I have no idea what the fielding schedule or basis of issue plan looks like.

  7. Hans Panzer 0311 says:

    Isn’t Eagle owned by BAE now anyway?

      • Hans Panzer 0311 says:

        Thanks for the info…Who is SDS owned by? I thought that’s what Eagle had become…I didn’t even know that they [Eagle] were still a functioning company since their website wasn’t updated since about 2002 !

        • SSD says:

          SDS which really doesn’t exist anymore was purchased by BAE during the Armor Holdings buyout.

          • Hans Panzer 0311 says:

            Ok cool…I was all confused on who owned what…This company or that one….Thanks for clearing this up!