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SORD Tourniquet Cover

The SORD Tourniquet Cover fits both the SOFFT and CAT tourniquets and is a simple affair that holds the tourniquet fast via a pull-down hook and loop flap and attaches to your gear via MOLLE. It’s marked with a large “T” so you’ll know exactly what’s inside in case the shape wasn’t clue enough.

Available in SORD Base Color, A-TACS AU, Black and MultiCam.


2 Responses to “SORD Tourniquet Cover”

  1. Chicken or Egg? says:

    Looks a little similar to this one.

  2. 96C says:

    SORD released the dump pouch and MOE snib pouch in about 2007, the torniquet pouch is a very similar concept to those two without the dump pouch bucket and a T embroidered on the front.

    Saying the SOE one and SORD one are very close isn’t right when you look closely, they’re very different.

    – with and without internal holder straps.
    – with and without lining fabric.
    – with and without press stud.
    – with and without red 1″ webbing.
    – with and without closed top.
    – attachment systems are different.

    At the end of the day there are only so many ways to hold one single item that doesn’t change in size or weight.