Magpul Releases Statement Regarding the USMC Ban on Non-GI Magazines

Earlier this week, the Marine Corps released a MARADMIN effectively banning the use of polymer magazines in their 5.56mm magazine-fed weapons. Naturally, everyone immediately thought about Magpul who’s PMAGs have become almost synonymous with polymer magazines. This is their response to inquiries.


We have been asked for commentary on the recently released MARADMIN affecting PMAG use in the United States Marine Corps. In response, here is a statement from our founder:

I am the founder of Magpul Industries and also a former active duty Recon Marine (88-94, 0321/0352). We also have several other former active duty Marines in the company, and have from our very beginnings. Our mission and foundations have always had at their core the best interests of our Marine Brothers and all US Service men and women.

There is indeed an issue with respect to IAR compatibility with the first generation, and MREV, or GEN M2 PMAG, due to the IAR having an SA-80/HK416 specification magazine well as opposed to the standard, Colt specification magazine well of other US service arms. While we certainly wish the IAR was specified with a standard magazine well, it has been fielded as submitted, and this incompatibility now presents a safety and survivability issue for those Marines deployed in Combat.

As such, we support the intent of this memo with respect to compatibility with our earlier generation PMAGs.

Our current generation PMAG, the GEN M3, is fully compatible with the IAR, the M4, the M16A4, and all other 5.56 platforms in the current US inventory. We are currently well into the process of arranging 3rd party verification and official testing to prove the advantages in performance, durability, lifecycle, and potential cost savings of the GEN M3 PMAG as a fully IAR compatible magazine solution for consideration by the USMC and the other Armed Services.


Richard Fitzpatrick


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  1. Travis says:

    Bravo, Magpul.