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Sneak Peek – Scalable Armor Carrier, Jumpable from 215 Gear



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  1. Sketchy_Endeavor says:

    What’s the criteria for armor to be called “jumpable”?

    • SSD says:

      Integrating PPE with the parachute harness continues to be an issue. Jumpable designs are generally created from the outset for wear while parachuting.

    • The Crye JPC was not meant to be worn while jumped, it was designed to be easily stored in CE then donned on the DZ, this is how it was explained to me, the source was reliable but it could be wrong.

      I have seen people jump combat loaded CIRASs, LBEs, etc, anything is jumpable for the most part, both Freefall and Static Line. The gear should not impede wwith the operation of the harness during any emergency procedures, and no excess straps, webbing etc can hang off the jumper (as a general rule) that is longer than 4-6 inches. I am not a Freefall guy, but I am sure if it impedes flying properly that would be a consideration for them. The old addage “you tied it, you ride it” applies often in the freefall community.

      As a Statiuc Line Jumpmaster, if I see a jumper’s equipment causing him to have issues operating his parachute harness, or it interferes with his harness, or there is ANY possibility of it causing him to become a towed jumper, he will not jump it, it goes in his ruck, period. Better fighting for life on the DZ than dead in the air or causing mission delays to an entire unit.

      Jon, OPT

      • SSD says:

        Division is beside itself right now. They aren’t jumping armor or load bearing equipment and haven’t for some time.

        • The newest Camelbak jumpable pack (with integrated HSPR) was designed larger than the Talon specifically to hold an IBA. I own one, it is HUGE. The advent of overburdening the Soldier’s fighting load has not merged yet with the proven concept of air dropping lightly equipped Infantry, it will eventually, SOF has figured it out, the 82d, I don’t know, if they insist on their Infantry wearing IBA they will have issues for some time to come.

          The answer is easy, just look to the 90s and before, don’t take armor unless you need it.

          • SSD says:

            That’s not going to happen. No general purpose force commander is going to accept that risk. Once you provide your troops with protection it’s difficult to dial it back. If a kid dies that could have been saved with armor no one will ever forgive the guy who made the decision to forego armor. His career is over. Same with FR.

            Look for the 82nd to do a huge jumper load study early next year. For some reason they are seeing a lot of weak exits.

  2. Angry Misha says:

    It appears to be based on swimmer cut plates. Can the cummerbund accept soft armor inserts and MSAPs? Where is it on their website? How much does it weigh?

  3. Steve-Oo says:

    Last time I checked most units don’t jump with plates on due to regulations. I like how “jumpable” is the new “tactical”…. What’s next jumpable boot laces!

    • Plates hurt when jumping, more importantly when landing, which is why most people place carriers in their rucks for easy access (reference above where I mention Crye JPC). I’ve been on status 14 years and have never nor will never jump wearing SAPIs.

      Jon, OPT

      • Angry Misha says:

        It’s correct to say that the Crye JPC was made to be “packed” in the CE. However, you can wear a PC under the harness with the MFF rig. It gets tricky with the static line rig and you need to use the scuba extension. However, if you employed the low-vis plates, you could get past this

  4. 215 Gear says:

    The question has been asked: “what makes a carrier jumpable?” The simple answer: besides some small refinements, the addition of a pocket for a Nav Board, integrated into the carrier. Although there have been some interesting points brought up in the comments here, not all units operate under the same doctrine. This was not an option “just thrown in”, it’s there for a reason. Although, there will be many that do not require this pocket, it can also be used for other uses, such as storing chem lights or a secondary. We will be releasing more info on this carrier, as we get closer to SHOT Show, as well as which booths that will have a production sample to check out.

    • Angry Misha says:

      @ 215 Gear

      Some Questions:

      1. What does it weigh?
      2. Will the cummerbund accept MSAP plates and the fielded MBAV soft armor insert?
      3. Is the plate pocket cut for Swimmer or SPEAR profile plates?
      4. Will you offer a version specifically for Swimmer cut?

      • 215 Gear says:

        1. @2lbs with full padded shoulder pads, full cummerbund w/ 2x padded radio pockets
        2. Yes to both side plates and soft armor inserts.
        3. Swimmer
        4. SPEAR/ESAPI cut to follow at a later date