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Build Your Own Chest Rig with BDS Tactical

Featuring a variety of platforms, the new V-Ops line of chest rigs from BDS Tactical allows you to customize your gear right from the factory.

Choose your weapon system, mag load out, side options, internal upgrades, back, and strap style to make your very own rig or plate carrier, and have it shipped to your front door in 10-15 business days or less. With more than 220,000 possible configurations, you can be assured there is a style to meet your needs.

Take for instance this Split Front Chest Rig.

Once you’ve selected your style, you can go in and choose a variety of components such as Bib, Cummerbund, Left/Right side pouch, and Back options. You configure it in a menu with photos and descriptions and then BDS builds it.


4 Responses to “Build Your Own Chest Rig with BDS Tactical”

  1. D says:

    I see they’re heading in a new direction–backwards.

  2. steve says:

    Check their BBB rating and the mountain of unsolved complaints against these jackalopes. Avoid at all costs.

    • Mike says:

      Steve, thank you for pointing out the BBB issue. We don’t pay for BBB accreditation, so we hadn’t spent much time on their site. I’ve spent the morning researching each of the 3 complaints listed there, but have found no contact from any customer regarding those issues. We work hard to provide great service and custom equipment designed and built here in the US, and as a Marine, I take our job here at BDS Tactical very seriously. If anyone has unresolved issues, you can reach me personally at Otherwise, I encourage you to check out our custom products or contact me with any questions.

      Mike Gnoffo
      Products & Development Director
      BDS Tactical Gear, Inc.

  3. rick says:

    I have dealt with this company twice and never had any problems with them. I would do business in the future with them based on my experiences. I actually checked their BBB profile. There was only 6 complaints total 3 complaints BDS did not respond to so IDK…