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Magpul Releases XTM Handstop Kit and Rail Panels


The XTM Handstop Kit includes one Hand Stop, one Index Panel, one full XTM Enhanced Panel, and one XTM Enhanced Half Panel. It’s Picatinny rail compatible and intended to allow for quick indexing and serves an additional advantage of keeping your fingers out of harm’s way.


The XTM Enhanced Rail Panels are a two-piece design that snap into place on a Picatinny rail in order to protect the rail sections, enhance the grip and route cables. Above you can see how they integrate with other accessories such as the Handstop.




5 Responses to “Magpul Releases XTM Handstop Kit and Rail Panels”

  1. phatelvis says:

    does this mean the angle foregrip isn’t cool anymore?

  2. Bill says:

    Sigh, I think I am actually becoming tired of magpul products. Just like Phatelvis said, “does this mean the angle foregrip isn’t cool anymore?” just more plastic bits trying to get me to waste money on. Just more $30 plastic the indirectly promises to change my shooting life.

    • Luke says:

      ummm…haven’t handstops been out for years? the only thing this is changing is the affordability of said handstop. their hardly promising anything new.

      and last I checked magpul made VFGs as well…3 kinds of off-hand grips? shame on them for giving us options.

  3. JM says:

    This was announced at SHOT 2012 but from what I understand, just now made it to market. The AFG fits a certain style, and the XTM, another. To each their own.